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Christmas List – College Scarves December 9, 2010

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Next item on the agenda – College-Centric Scarves.

Now this was a fun one. I think I mentioned that I couldn’t find anything like this in the college bookstore, so I made myself one earlier this year. I also took a moment to see how much other college bookstores are charging for such a thing. I found one almost exactly the same for $15. So, continue reading and I’ll save you $14.

Supplies Needed:
– Polar Fleece (I got two yards to make eight scarves. Make sure it’s a solid color (the main color of the college) and you’ll save even more money.)
– Official College Patches (I got mine from my local Alumni association. I’d be surprised if yours doesn’t have some too.)
– Thread (The main school color was a dark green, but I just used black thread.)

Tools Needed:
– Fabric Scissors (If possible, never use your scissors for mixed mediums. i.e. don’t use your paper scissors to cut fabric, and don’t use your fabric scissors to cut paper.)
– Needle


  1. Cut the fabric to the desired width. For my eight scarves I could have gone one of two routes:
    1. Cut each scarf 8″ wide. This resulted in almost nine scarves (and the ninth was close enough to count, but the question is what to do with it).
    2. Fold the fabric in half (so each side is one yard, not 2 1/2 feet (assuming your fabric is 60″ wide)) and cut it. Fold each half in half again and cut it. Continue doing this to each piece until you have eight of them.
  2. (Optional – the $15 one didn’t have fringe) Cut strips about 1″ wide by 3″ long into each end of the scarf. Tie a knot into each of these strips to make a decorative fringe.
  3. The patches my Alumni association had were stick-on, which was nice in that they stayed put until I got them sewed down (note: even though they were stick-on, I sewed them down anyway so they could last well through the washing machine). Place the patch where you’d like it near one end of the scarf. I put mine in the middle (width-wise) and about three inches from the end. WARNING: If your patches are stick-on, be sure where you put them because they will be next-to-impossible to move them!
  4. Hand sew the patches securely into place. Side note: If your patches are stick-on the sewing process might be a little messy. Just pause every once in a while and rub the sticky off your needle and you’ll be fine.

Ta-da! So easy! You now have as many scarves as you made ready for coworkers, friends, or your college student. You can even use non-college patches to make something extra fashionable (or go crazy and cover a scarf with patches).

Tomorrow we start in on the deeper stuff – the gifts that are still WIP (Work In Progress). Wish me luck.



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