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Christmas List – Comic Calendar December 14, 2010

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Okay, I’ve basically told you about all the gifts I’m giving this year except for one.

A friend of mine is a huge fan girl. Of what you ask? Of just about every movie, anime, etc. that she likes. i.e. she’s a fan girl of a lot of stories. When she heard about the comic strip I’m still developing (note the word “still”), not the Vacancy Comics, but another one, she was instantly my biggest fan.

She also likes to create her own characters to insert into all these stories (I think she has over 200 now), particularly to pair with just about any male character who isn’t already claimed by a female character. So, she created her own character to insert into the world of my comics (and pair with one of my guys). Yeah, she’s fun.

So, what better gift than a calendar featuring the main characters of my comic… plus her character?

The idea is simple. I’ve already drawn each of the main characters, including hers, and I’ve even drawn chibi versions (like cute little kid versions) of each of them too. Each page will feature one character with both drawings plus a spec sheet. I also found a Microsoft Word template (sorry, I’m still getting used to Open Office, so I still mostly use Word), and I finally have a logo for my comic to put on the front cover.

For those interested in creating their own calendar, here’s a link to the template: 2011 Calendar Template

… and here’s the list of specs for each character:

– Code Name (since the comic is about a detective agency)
– Real Name
– Job
– Birthday (forgot to mention that I also plugged in the character’s birthday in the calendar)
– Hair Color
– Eye Color
– Height
– Weight
– Favorite Color
– Favorite Food
– Favorite Music
– Spouse (or Currently Dating)
– Pet(s)
– Hobbies
– and a little about them (personality, short history, etc.)



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