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Top Ten DIY Gifts of 2010! (Plus my personal wish list) December 17, 2010

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Phew! The last three days have been insane. The first two the Internet at home was down (Qwest was having issues), and then for most of today my blog was down (something to do with WordPress). So, I’m finally back with the latest post.

Now that I’ve finished listing what I’m giving this year, I thought I’d give everyone else some ideas for the DIYer in your life. Some ideas include tools, supplies, how-to books, magazines, website subscriptions, etc.

So, as a DIYer, here’s my list of top ten DIY gifts for 2010:

1. Subscription to Ready Made Magazine
2. Just about anything from MakerBot (for the DIYer who has been extra good this year, and has an uber awesome and rich relative or friend)
3. A Dremel
4. A soldering gun
5. Subscription to Craft: magazine
6. Tickets to MakerFaire
7. Sugru
8. EL Wire
9. Book: Fashioning Technology: A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting
10. Book: 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer

And finally, for the sheer coolness of it: A gift card (or almost anything) from ThinkGeek.com!

SPECIAL NOTE: Right now through the end of December ThinkGeek.com has a special where you can save $10 off any order over $40! You can find the coupon code by going to deals.woot

And now for my personal wish list:
– Anything from the above list (including the gift card to ThinkGeek.com) 😉
– Gripper Snaps (plus the tool to install them)
– The Astro Boy series DVDs (2003 version) (Except for volume #1. I already have that one.)
– A multi-pack of button batteries (I already have the LEDs 😉 )



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