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Resolution: Keep Up With My Blog January 4, 2011

Posted by Sindy in Uncategorized.

Yes, this is my number one resolution. I want to get into the habit of posting at least once a day (except Sundays). To help me do that I have a template I used to use to help me keep track of what I wanted to blog about (I need to make a notepad with them one of these days), but I’ve also just been writing a quick note in a notebook.

I also got an idea for those days when I’m either sick or just don’t get around to it – automatic posting (for lack of something better to cal it). Whenever I find some random thing I want to post about (which is usually after I’ve posted for the day, and the week has already been planned, so this new thing gets lost in memory) I can write up a quick post and save it as a draft. Then when I don’t feel so good I can just quickly bip in and publish one of them. I could also set one up to automatically post about an hour or so after I should have posted for the day. That way something goes up even if I don’t get around to it. (Of course this is giving you warning so if a post goes up an hour later you know I was lazy that day.)

I could also pre-write some of my regularly planned posts (like all the ones I plan on writing during the week), but that would require a bigger chunk of time which I currently can’t find.

Oh yeah, I also need to make a few changes to the blog including change some of the categories, and perhaps even add a new design template – something that portrays the DIY theme better (keep your fingers crossed that these actually happen).

So, hopefully all this helps and I continue to improve my posting rate and my readership.

(P.S. I enjoy comments so I know that people are reading my posts. Thanks.)



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