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Resolution: Get In Shape January 5, 2011

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A few years ago I found an article on MSN talking about the secrets of the perpetually skinny. Of course I can’t seem to find the article again, so I’ll just have to repeat what I remember from it:

1. Eat ONLY when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re satisfied. Note the word satisfied. Satisfied is kind of on the lower end of full and certainly not anywhere near stuffed. Even though it’s usually not the healthiest, I enjoy getting takeout because I can make two meals out of it. Okay, so I know that a lot of people don’t like leftovers, which I don’t quite understand, so just make less food, ask for a smaller takeout box, take someone with you, or see if you can donate the rest of it to someone like me who doesn’t mind leftovers and enjoys free food.

2. Keep moving! No, I’m not talking about packing a bunch of boxes and move to a summer home, I’m talking about what little kids do. You never see them sit still in their chairs (unless they’re glued to a screen), so they’re skinny little balls of hyperness. The same applies to adults – Don’t just sit there! Get up and walk around for five minutes every hour, set your chair a little higher and kick your legs, dash outside and do a little le parkour (jumping off of things and acting like a teenager but without a skateboard). You can even jog in place while you do some activities like washing your hands, brushing your teeth, hanging laundry, etc. And going for a short walk is a great thing to do to relieve stress (and anger).

3. Drink water! From personal experience I can’t stress this enough. One trick to do this is to carry around a bottle of water (I’d strongly suggest a reusable one), and don’t just sip from it, take a good drink consisting of a few swallows each time. If it helps, you can even develop a pattern, like every time someone passes your office or you get an email or think about your kids take a drink.

4. Eat plenty of fruits, vegies, and fiber. One of these days I’ll have to tell you how getting fiber totally changed my life, and I’m not joking either. For years I would regularly get horribly sick and I thought it was simply because of genetics or something like that (and I’m not talking about a bout of constipation or anything like that – you don’t know pain until you’ve felt this). But when I cut out white flour products from my diet I suddenly didn’t get so sick! I also discovered that if I got my fruits and vegies and water, I got even better.

Now I will talk about getting said fruits & vegies. I know lots of people (including myself) who just don’t like their greens. For me it’s mostly two things: 1) I’m bored of what’s available, and 2) I don’t like taking the time to prepare it. Well, whether you’re bored or not, if you don’t like healthy stuff, just keep trying out new ones until you find something you DO like. You might not like brussel sprouts, but have you ever tried nopalitos (you’ll find them in the Latino section)? You don’t care for bananas, but how about star fruit? Or try different recipes. I don’t care for raw broccoli (there’s a story behind that), but soft boil it and cover it with cheese sauce and it’s divine.

As for the second excuse, HA! Do you know just how little time it takes to prepare a salad compared to frying an egg?! It takes about the same time. So, while the egg is frying you can peel a carrot.

Another fun way to get your vegies (and a diet method I’d like to try out) is to make really fun salads with extra stuff in them, like add cranberries and almonds, or shrimp, or whatever you like, and then just snack on your salad all afternoon.

And one more tip I’d like to add to the list of “what perpetually skinny people do”:
5. Eat less meat (but don’t eliminate it), and don’t eat processed foods. Sorry to all you vegetarians out there, but I personally believe that it’s not good to totally eliminate meat from your diet. We certainly don’t need what most people are eating though. Consider a serving: a serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards, and we’re only supposed to be getting one to three of those each day (depending on how much energy and protein we need). Plus, those servings of protein don’t need to come from meat each and every time (but again, don’t eliminate it entirely)! And finally, not eating processed meats should be obvious. The same with any processed food. I applaud The Biggest Loser shows for what they’re doing, but they’re still using processed foods including artificial sweeteners.

Can you tell I have opinions out the wazoo about all this? Now the problem is to get off my hypocritical hide and do it.



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