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A Fun DIY Recycling Blog – RePlayGround January 11, 2011

Posted by Sindy in Uncategorized.

My Mom found a magazine at the store last week and in it she found a quick spot about a DIY recycling blog. Obviously she told me about it and after taking a look I thought I’d tell you all about it. It’s really fun.

It’s a company in NYC called RePlayGround, and the contributors have loads of fun with recycling and remaking.

Their Talkin’ Trash outings sound like fun. They go around town and if they see a piece of garbage that can be reused they put a piece of cardboard with a speech bubble on telling about what can be done with it. I think it would be great to hide a camera nearby to see if anyone picks it up. They also enjoy dumpster diving themselves (which I hear is fairly common in NY – again, Utah is full of stick-in-the-muds). You can find some great stuff in trash.

Speaking of great stuff in trash, one of my favorite posts on this blog was about a company called Demolition Depot. When a building is slated to be demolished, the owner can call them up and they’ll come scavenge some of the architectural elements, particularly vintage pieces. It’s awesome! I so wish there was one around here.



1. Tiffany Threadgould - February 4, 2011

Hey Sindy – you have an open invitation to dumpster dive with us anytime!! Thanks for the post!

Sindy - February 8, 2011

Thank you! I’d love to!

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