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What I Did This Weekend January 18, 2011

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

*Yawn* Long weekends are nice, but it’s always unpleasant to go back to regular life. Not only is your sleep cycle interrupted, but for me I almost always regret what didn’t get done on my to-do list. All that fabulous time that I could have gotten a ton done wasted on lounging about.

What I did do was pretty good though. I hosted a sushi party at a friends house on Saturday. We tried brown rice this time. It was pretty good, but I think I prefer the flavor of the white (which is strange – I usually prefer the whole grains). We also tried the traditional speck of wasabi mixed in a little dish of soy sauce. I was amazed that it wasn’t spicy. Instead it just gave it a speck of flavor, plus it tasted like it toned down the saltiness of the soy sauce (at least to me it seemed like it). Rather interesting. Everyone had fun and one of the guys who apparently doesn’t like cooking enjoyed making it too (since it wasn’t technically cooking according to his book).

I also finally dug my car out of the snow with the help of a friend. We even broke down the ice wall made by the snow plow behind my car. I’m sure my friend is glad to have her car back too (since I was borrowing it), but boy am I loving Ibuprofen right now.

Plus I got caught up with my bookkeeping and found I had two extra bucks in my wallet. Nice. I put it in my saving can. One step closer to getting a Wacom.

Yes, even with all this I really could have and should have done more this weekend. I should have at least rescued my poor dying plants which I haven’t watered in three weeks. I promise I’m not purposely trying to kill my Mom’s vintage Elephant Ear plant.



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