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Thing-a-Day: Encouraging Daily Creativity January 28, 2011

Posted by Sindy in Links.

First, apologies for not posting this week. It’s been a long week starting when my Grandma had a stroke (which really shook me up) to the fact that the wireless at work (where I’ve been posting from) has been on the fritz all week. So, here we go:

I found this website called thing-a-day.com that is designed to encourage daily creativity for the entire month of February.

The idea is that you create something – almost anything – each and every day, and you don’t have to complete it that day either. You can pick a larger project and make a daily, weekly, or monthly goal and then make at least some progress on it every day. The kinds of projects can vary widely from needlecraft, sewing, drawing, writing, cooking, crafting, inventing, gardening, woodworking… You get the idea.

This sounds like the perfect excuse to get going on some of my projects, and to blog about them. That said I don’t think I’ll actually sign up (fear of failure I guess), but I will definitely go for it and post the results here.

Now to decide what to do. Maybe a big project like get my book illustrated. Maybe a few weekly projects that have been waiting a while, like my t-shirt quilt (which will probably turn into a month-long project). OR I could get busy and finish a bunch of my waiting projects (like mending, last year’s gifts, etc.). Yeah, I think I’ll do that.

So, go check it out, and if you sign up and post let me know. Good luck!



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