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What I Did This Weekend February 14, 2011

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

It’s been pretty chaotic around her the past couple of weeks. Besides my Internet Provider being a pain (when it was working) my Grandma died. Yeah, it’s been a rough week.

I did get some DIY in though (mostly as therapy):

Over the weekend I surfed one of my favorite DIY shows (Threadbanger) and found a video on making a fun little heart out of curling ribbon (I know, it was another “little bits of paper” project (aka made out of junk and not worth the effort) but I have to do one every once in a while). It was pretty cool, took forever, was a bit tricky, and when it was done I had no idea what to do with the thing (even if I had a boyfriend, I don’t think he’d really care for it). So it was fun, but that’s the only time I’ll make one of those.

I also bought some really cute baby shoes at a discount store. Then I brought them home – and dissected them! @_o Bwahaha! They will be used for patterns to make my own. BTW, if you want to do this kind of thing yourself, here are some tips:

  1. Either keep one of the shoes whole or take a grundle of photos so you know how it goes together (of course keeping one whole is preferred).
  2. Mark key spots where the different parts go together. For example you’ll want one mark where the front of the soul meets the front of the shoe (mark both pieces of fabric), another mark where the back of the soul meets the back the shoe, another mark where the decorative piece goes, etc.
  3. Keep the whole shoe (or photos) together with the pieces. I put all of them in a ziploc bag.

I’ve also been saving some money by shopping for magazines on my own bookshelves. i.e. instead of buying a new magazine, I just pull out one of the hundreds I already have and most likely haven’t even read yet (a few years ago I went bonkers at my local thrift store). So I’ve been browsing my FamilyFun collection. There are some fun things in there that I’ll have to try out.



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