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Update June 10, 2011

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

Just a quick update letting you know I haven’t fallen off the planet… yet.

I have several projects going on right now (no surprise there). I have a freelancing job right now working to add a WordPress section to a client’s website. They’ll be using the blogging features to list classes, plus I’ll be adding a shopping cart. It’s turning out far more complicated than I thought, and problems with the server aren’t helping.

Next, I have about a billion different crafting projects in the works. Right now I’m working on creating a drawing for a friend’s birthday. She likes ducks, so I thought I’d draw her sitting next to a pond and feeding ducks (either that or I bought some reusable buttons – the pin-on kind – and I’m doing a duck twist on the Frog Prince).

Finally, I’m trying to get into the swing of things working on a couple of my books. I started going to a writer’s group (finally found one in my area), so I’m working on getting one manuscript ready to submit to them. Plus I’m trying to push another book forward with the illustrations. I’m trying to get it done before my oldest nephew can read. I have a few years before then, but I still need to push it.

Anyway, gotta go. Still busy as all get out.



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