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Glowsticks for the Fourth! :D July 5, 2011

Posted by Sindy in Holidays.
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I like sleep. No, I’m addicted to it. Feeling like I’m actually alive the next morning instead of something dragged through who-knows what. Yeah, I like sleep, so you can imagine what I thought about the festivities last night – not too happy. I also like to be safe while I have fun. Fireworks that can blow up your house doesn’t sound fun to me.

Then my sister told me what some neighbors of hers did: A case of hundreds of glowsticks! Talk about awesome! They were having all sorts of fun with them, shaking them around like sparklers, wearing them like they had found the lost city of gold, and they even taped them all over the Dad’s truck! Now that sounds like fun to me!

And if you miss the fireworks, you can set up a mechanical show with glowsticks flying through the air, others spinning on a wheel, some taped to a board in fancy designs, … and when the show’s over the “fireworks” are still there for several hours! You can even get the kids involved with planning and creating this lovely show – another thing you can’t do with fireworks. Yeah, I like this idea. Can you tell?



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