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Knit Lit? March 21, 2013

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So, I’ve been hearing about a new genre of book called Knit Lit or Craft Lit. Knit Lit basically stands for Knitting Literature (or Knitter’s Literature or something like that).

The idea is simple: Incorporate knitting and other crafting into a novel. Most often the main character is a crafter. The solution to the problem may or may not be solved via the craft, but it is good if the problem is solved via things the crafter knows because they are a crafter (like solving a murder by identifying some threads, or being able to ‘piece together’ the clues like a quilt in their mind).

I first learned about Knit-Lit in an interview of The Crafty Chica by Corinne Leigh. They didn’t use the word Knit-Lit, but her books sound fun. Check them out on Amazon. Then I heard about a Heather Ordover of Craftlit.com  (on a video by Tara Swiger – I need to blog about her some time) who is doing a Craft Lit podcast so you can craft and listen to books at the same time! And what do you know, there’s a whole section on goodreads.com with Knit Lit!

To top off this little intro to Knit Lit, as an author and crafter, I think it would be fun to write a book myself. In fact, I dreamed I was on a spaceship that stopped at each inhabited planet it came to. Before we got there the ship would research the planet and make costumes for the crew. “The Ship That Sews.” Okay, so maybe the idea needs some work.



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