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What I Did This Weekend (WIDTW) – Blogs, Drawing, Shopping, Easter, Tatting April 1, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

Welcome to my new regular Monday posts called What I Did This Weekend! Okay, so the name is slightly misleading – it might often include stuff I did during the week too, and even if it doesn’t I usually mean Saturday as the “Weekend” (since Sunday is religious worship). I’m planning on including photos of some of the stuff I did and previews of upcoming tutorials.

With my goal to improve my blogs I also thought I’d start not just talking about ideas, but actually doing them – and better yet, teach you how to do them too. So, introducing Tutorial Tuesday starting tomorrow! The goal is to photograph my crafting adventures and help you copy them via a tutorial. I thought the name was fun, so I’m posting them on Tuesdays (let me know if that works for you or not).

Now with something on Mondays and Tuesdays, that leaves the rest of the week wide open. I might add something later, or I might not. Maybe I’ll move the tutorials to Friday (need to come up with a new name though), or maybe a Fashion Friday. Let me know what you think. What are some of your favorite features you’ve seen on other craft blogs? What do you wish they’d do? That said, let’s get started!

I think I will start by telling you that I am slightly disappointed in myself while at the same time I’m rather proud of myself. I’m proud that I almost achieved my goal of finishing drawing two pages of my book. I’m disappointed that I *almost* achieved said goal. I worked my tail off (and missed helping a friend move) and I only have one piece left to draw, BUT that one last piece needs some major brain-thinking of how I’m going to present it so it will have to wait until next week.

After that I went shopping (note to self: pay off credit card after shopping). I got some paint chips for a project (tutorial coming), bought a stevia plant for my Mom for Easter, and I started gathering ingredients for some bubble jet (I didn’t find washing soda at Wal-mart though). I even got a bowl for mixing crafting stuff (like the bubble jet). I drew on it so I’d remember to use only crafts in it.

My new crafts bowl

And I finally found some reusable ice cubes at the dollar store!!!!! I’ve been waiting to find those for almost a year! I took a moment out of my schedule to made a quick gift out of them for my Mom for Easter. Don’t worry, I’ll post the tutorial soon (maybe tomorrow?).

I also found some chayote squash. I had seen them before (when my sister-in-law received one in a Bountiful Basket), but never tasted one. Apparently you can just wash and cut them. You can use the entire thing, skin, seed, etc. and you can eat it raw or cooked, in a salad or stew, casserole, salsa, etc. Well, I tried them in my famous microwave squash recipe (another tutorial I should do – it’s super easy) and WOW! It’s wonderful! I think I have a new favorite squash.

Cluny leaves in tatting

Cluny leaves in tatting
(Thanks to sandbenders for the photo)

Then I finished out the day (Saturday) with my tatting homework. This week we learned how to do cluny leaves – something I’ve been wanting to learn for years. I can’t wait until my teacher shows us how to do stand-alone cluny that goes from point A to point A instead of A to B like regular cluny! That might be a year or more out there though. Sigh.



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