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Tutorial Tuesday – Ice Necklace April 2, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Tutorial Tuesday.

I know we just got done with a long and cold winter, and it’s barely starting to thaw our bones, but it’s also time to start thinking about the coming heat – mostly because now is when the reusable ice cubes are in the dollar stores (at least in my area).

You may have seen those neck coolers – they’re just a tube of fabric with water beads in them – well, this is a different kind of neck cooler. I’ve been using the neck coolers for years, and they’re starting to show. And besides, they’re not that fashionable to begin with. Then about a year ago I found a mention of these.

Ice Necklace

1 pair queen size knee-hi nylons (white is best, but you’re welcome to use any color)
1 pkg reusable ice cubes (at least 10)

– hands

Supplies: Reusable ice cubes, and knee-hi nylons

1. Start by stretching out both of your knee-his. You want them as long as you can get them (without breaking them of course). Then tie the toes together. Doesn’t it look like a cute little bow? 😀

Step 1. Stetch nylons and tie toes together

2. You can lay out your ice cubes and plan your necklace, or just do random. I didn’t see a need because I was doing both sides at once. Just slide an ice cube into one of the knee-his and tie a knot. Do the same in the other one. I found some fun fruit-shaped ice cubes, but be careful of those orange slices – you don’t want to tear your nylons before you get to use your necklace.

Step 2. Insert ice cube and tie knot

3. Just keep sliding in an ice cube and tying a knot until both sides have barely enough room for one more, then stop – you want room to tie the open ends together to form your finished necklace.

Step 3. When full, tie open ends together

4. Pop it into the freezer (or fridge if you’re part snowman like I am – it takes a while for me to thaw) and strut your new fashion at your next all-day sun fest (and save your old neck coolers for working in the garden).

Step 5. Chill then wear



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