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What I Did This Week (WIDTW) – Tatting, More Tatting, Wire Ball, More Tatting April 8, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

You may notice that I changed from “What I Did This Weekend” to “What I Did This Week.” Yeah, I realized I do most of my crafting in the evenings.

To start off the week I did some of my tatting homework. This week we learned split rings in my class. I already knew how to do split rings, just not the “proper” way. I made a super cool snowflake with them which just might be the pattern I use for this year’s tatted snowflakes that I give as gifts.

Tuesday and Wednesday were long days of work, so I didn’t do much in the way of crafting.

Thursday I finished drawing the two pages for my book (my critique group still hasn’t looked at it yet), then I printed up some coloring tutorials (shoot, I should have gathered the URLs to share with you), then I felt like spending the rest of the work day crafting. I was trying to create a better method of making salad dressing instead of trying to shove mayo through the skinny neck of a recycled salad dressing bottle, so I bought a measuring/mixing bottle at my local retailer. The sad part was that it didn’t come with one of those handy wire mixing balls. You may have seen them in those smoothy bottles that were popular for a while. I could not find one of these wire balls for the life of me, so being a good DIYer I made one. NOTE: This activity is not recommended for anyone who doesn’t like challenges or holes in their fingers. I ended up buying a whisk (mostly for the food grade wire) and using the metal disk that came with it to hold things in place while I twisted wires through and around and ended up with something that I hope will work.

This weekend while I watched my church’s broadcast on Saturday I got more tatting done trying to catch up on my homework. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. Kind of happens when you’re trying to take notes at the same time. And of course, I don’t do crafting on Sunday.

So for the most part, this week was kind of ho-hum. I did however find some great videos by craftypod.com talking about setting up and managing a crafty business. I long to have a crafty business. Maybe one day I will (to supplement my writing income of course). I got a ton of great ideas from these videos including ideas for my writing business. Go check them out!

And speaking of ideas, one of the videos mentioned a website called CRAFTS are the new CRAFTS. It’s just a random generator pretending to predict the next great fad, and if you think about it in terms of craft ideas (and crafty product ideas) it is hilarious! Some of the great ones I got were “Geoducks are the new Typewriters” (Geoducks are a funny looking shellfish – Google it), and “Saxophones are the new Zombies.” Can you imagine a typewriter with shellfish for keys or plushy saxophone zombies? LOL!

Then my sister sent me a great link of what super heroines would look like if they were modest. Besides being a big proponent of modesty, I think it’s a fabulous fashion design challenge (anyone can design a strapless dress, but to design within the constraints of modesty takes talent, plus everyone is wearing strapless and I like to be different). These are some great designs and I might use some of the concepts in some of my designs.

That webpage lead to another fun page: 18 snacks you can microwave in a mug, including brownies (of course), omletes, and even a muffin. Sigh, I always have too many fun things on my list to try.

Well I need to run (I should be in the shower prepping for work). See you tomorrow!



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