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A Calendar that Matches Any Decor? Sweet! April 16, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Tutorial Tuesday.

It’s tax day (well, yesterday when I wrote this), so it’s time for a quick and easy tutorial.

When was the last time you spent $3 or less on a calendar? Okay, so you might be like me and get them from the dollar store. Um, when was the last time you bought one for a dollar… that was reusable? How about one that you could switch up to match your current decorating whim? How about one that matched your new paint perfectly? (Ha! Got you on that one.) Time for today’s tutorial.

Paint Chip Whiteboard Calendar

– Seven paint chip strips. You know – the samples of paint colors you can get free at your local hardware store or big-box store. Can be a nice mix of colors, or they can be all the same. Try to get lighter ones so you can see the marker against them.
– A frame with glass. Mine is 10 x 13 because of the size of my paint chips, but if your paint chips are smaller you can try a smaller fraime.
– Background paper of your choice. I just used the paper that came in the frame – I just flipped it over and used the back.
– Double-stick tape
– Flat-head screwdriver
– Overhead/wet erase marker. I use an overhead marker instead of a whiteboard marker cause it doesn’t rub off at the slightest touch.
– Anything you need to hang your calendar

What you'll need

Step 1:
Use the screwdriver to carefully bend the staples on the edge out so you can remove the frame back and paper. There are other kinds of frame systems that don’t use staples. If you come across one and don’t know how to open it, feel free to ask me. Note: The more you bend those staples, the more likely they’ll break, so try not to remake your calendar every day, however tempting. It also helps if you only bend two sides of the staples, or just barely enough to get the frame back and paper out.

Use a screwdriver to carefully bend staples up.

Step 2:
Lay out your paint chip strips on your paper (I’m assuming your paper is already the proper size for the frame) in the desired pattern. No, you don’t have to do the dark colors on the top. I just liked the idea of reading the paint names.

Speaking of paint names, you might have to trim your strips so they fit in the frame. Depending on your frame and the size of strips, you can simply cut off the darkest color, or, as I needed, make the strips narrower. Sadly, I almost removed the paint names in the process.

Step 3:
Tape each strip down with your double-stick tape. If you hold everything that’s loose with one hand, and with the other both lift the end and tuck a bit of tape under it, you’ll find it easier to keep everything in place.

Tape each strip with double-stick tape.

Step 4:
Put the paper in the frame (with the strips towards the glass) followed by the back, then use your screwdriver to carefully bend the staples back down.

Step 5:
Use the overhead marker to mark the days in the little squares. Don’t forget the month, and maybe the year too. Oh look, I even had room for my goals this month! With an overhead marker, when you’re ready for the next month, just wet a paper towel and erase.

Mark your dates and you're done!

Step 6:
Now for the hard part – hang it. For this step you may need a fresh batch of cookies and a handsome young man. πŸ˜‰ Okay, so you could do this yourself. Either way, I don’t think I need to go into details. I haven’t hung mine yet simply because my walls don’t have room. There are either shelves full of books, cabinets full of craft supplies, or whiteboards full of story outlines in the way.

BTW – If you’re not the artsy, paint chip kind of person you can use other things like fabric squares or paper squares. How about non-square flat items like autumn leaves from outside? Oh! Maybe you could use things to highlight days of the month, like the save-the-date card from a wedding invitation on the correct date, or a non-inflated balloon on someone’s birthday.

What other things could you use? I’d like to see what you came up with. I’d even like to hear what colors you used (and maybe the paint names πŸ™‚ )



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