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The Latest Hair Trend – Looks Good with Short Hair Too April 23, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Fashion, Jewelry, Tutorial Tuesday.

Oh no! I’ve been doing some Spring cleaning today and almost forgot to put up the tutorial for Tutorial Tuesday! Then I’ll make this quick.

The other day I was watching several of anneorshine‘s YouTube videos. In one of them she and Cute Girls Hairstyles showed how to make one of the latest hair trends – Hair Jewelry! (You can watch her video here >).

I was so excited to learn about hair jewelry since I have a short hairstyle and can’t do much variation with it, so here’s my little version.

Hair Jewelry:


– Your choice of jewelry or jewelry pieces (you can use necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or just jewelry pieces or chains from the craft store – it’s best to use lighter weight pieces, especially if your hair is wispy like mine)
– Bobby pins (or whatever you call them)
– Jewelry pliers
– Jump rings

Hair jewelry supplies

Step 1:
Attach the bobby pins to various jewelry or jewelry pieces. Some things you can just slip the bobby pins on the ends (like through the jump rings and clasps that are already there). Some things like necklaces you can slip a bobby pin on each side of the necklace – I found it works best, especially with thin chains, to twist the chain a bit so it’s a line instead of a loop. And some things (like jewelry pieces) you’ll have to add jump rings in order to get the bobby pins on. See the pictures below.

Hair jewelry with necklace

Hair jewelry with earrings or jewelry pieces

Step 2:
Just slip the bobby pins into your hair. It works best if you have someone else who can add it for you (it’s also nice if your hair is styled nice, unlike mine in the photos). It looks so pretty! (I wonder if I can wear this to the office 😉 )

Hair jewelry in my hair

BTW you can probably use other hair accessories like hair clips to attach these to your hair. I’d love to see your projects and the hair styles you do with these!

(Just for the fun of it, can anyone guess how I took that last photo? It’s a sneaky little trick 😉 )



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