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Display your beautiful fabrics, then reuse them when you find the perfect project April 30, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Home Decor, Jewelry, My Original Ideas, Tutorial Tuesday.

Like many people who sew, I collect fabric. And, of course, that collection mostly consists of beautiful fabric that I’m either waiting for the perfect project to use it, or I don’t want to waste such a lovely piece. And then, there’s my box full of frames that never got finished, and a grocery bag full of extra 5×7 picture mats that I found at the dollar store years ago (and no, I don’t have frames to go with them). What in the world can I do with all this stuff?

Now, I’d show you the photo I found that led to this tutorial’s inspiration, but I’ve sadly lost the link. I’ve seen the idea before – take an artist’s canvas and cover it with fabric. This time I had an “aha!” moment – Cover my unfinished frames and extra mats with fabric. No one can tell the difference, and you can even reuse the fabric for a project after enjoying it on your wall. This would also work for display beautiful scarves, hankies, etc. PLUS you can use it for your jewelry too!

Fabric Frames

– Empty wood frame or mat big enough for you fabric, but small enough so the fabric wraps nicely around the frame (note: the frame must be wood if you want to use the first method shown below)
– Fabric, scarf, hanky, doily, etc. large enough to wrap around your frame, but not too big so it’s bulky in the back
– Thumb tacks
– Needle nose pliers (not pictured)
– Hammer (not pictured)
– Double-stick tape
– Jewelry pieces like pins and earrings that match your fabric

Fabric Frames supplies

Method 1 – Thumb Tacks on Wood Frame:

Step 1.
Lay out your fabric right side down with the frame on top, again right side down.

Fabric Frames - Lay out fabric and frame

Notice that my piece is off-center. That’s because my frame has a hanger on one side. I thought I’d carefully wrap the fabric so it doesn’t interfere with this hanger (as shown below). I don’t mind because it’s kind of artistic this way.

Fabric Frames - careful of the frame hanger

Step 2.
Tightly wrap the fabric around the frame like you’re wrapping a present. Use the needle nose pliers to hold the thumb tack while you hammer it in place – this gives the shaft more stability so it doesn’t bend while hammering it into the hard wood (you might not have this problem in a soft-wood dollar store frame, but instead you might find the wood splitting on you of which I don’t know how to prevent at the moment). Tack whever you feel you need to in order to secure the fabric.

Fabric Frames - use pliers to hold thumb tacks

Step 3.
Since I used a fabric napkin that had a wide-border pattern, the middle (or since I put it off-center, it’s the side) is rather blank. Another “aha!” moment – decorate the blank area with some jewelry! (Okay, so the photo doesn’t show the jewelry very well. Can you find the flower pin and the set of earrings?)

Fabric Frames - add jewelry

Step 4.
If you want to reuse the fabric for anything, simply remove the thumb tacks and jewelry and massage the holes so the threads go back into place. (Sorry I don’t have a photo of this step.)

Method 2 – Double-Stick Tape on Mat:

Step 1.
Lay out your fabric right side down with the mat on top (I don’t think it hardly matters if the at is right side down or not, so that’s your choice). (Shoot! Another photo I forgot to take. Um, just imagine how it would look. Use the next image below to get the idea.)

Step 2.
Again, tightly wrap the fabric around the mat like you’re wrapping a present. Use the double-stick tape to tape it down.

Fabric Frames - wrap and tape over the mat

Fabric Frames - back of mat

Step 3.
Um, I would not suggest you use your jewelry with this one. The mat is too thin to make room for the posts, and it’s too weak to hold the weight. In that case, I guess I just wasted a step. Oh well.

Oh wait! I know what to do with this extra step – If you want to reuse the fabric, just peel it off the tape. It’ll probably be sticky from the tape residue, so you’ll probably want to wash that off, but after that you’re good to go. (Again I don’t have a photo of this step.)

And here we have the two finished frames. Again, I have no idea where I’m going to hang them. Maybe on the side of my book shelf.

Fabric Frames - finished frames

And now for the comment-request question: Do you have any fabulous ideas what to do with these beautiful fabrics (once I remove them from the frames)? How do you reduce your fabric collection? And of course, if you do this project I’d love to see it (and maybe where you hung it).



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