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Of Classes and Lost Yarn May 6, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Journal.

This was a great week for crafting on the go. On Monday my work had an all-day event, and when I wasn’t taking photos I was able to sit down and finish my tatting homework just in time for my class on Tuesday.

Speaking of my tatting class on Tuesday, I was getting ready for class and realised I hadn’t finished off my thread ends or washed and blocked my tatted pieces for the class. In crocheting that’s not such a bad deal, but with tatting it takes 15 minutes for each thread! – At least! By the way, never block your tatting with an iron. It doesn’t end up the best. Thankfully this tatting is just a sampler for how to attach edgings.

In fact, that’s what I learned on Tuesday’s class – how to attach edgings. We learned 4 of 6 methods, and he showed us the other two. The methods are: crocheting it onto an edge with open holes (you haven’t seen fancy hankies have you, so you probably don’t know what I’m talking about), taking a needle and thread through the hem to the next picot then stitching the picot to the fabric, tatting the edging directly onto the hanky (you attach the picots through the holes like regular tatting), and finally, if you have rings on a running line with thread bars in between, you do tiny whip stitching all… the… way… around… the… hanky (looks nice, but veeeery time consuming). As for the other two methods, one you do a 1/4 inch blanket stitch around the hanky, and the other I can’t remember at the moment – I’ll have to ask again.

So, that brings us to this weekend. I went to an Emergency Preparedness Expo/Conference. While listening to the speakers I got to go back and forth between lots of excercise up and down stairs carrying my rolling bag which has flat spots on one wheel and makes a terrible noise (no, I have no idea how the flat spots got on the wheel – I bought it at a thrift store), cursing at the lack of outlets for my laptop (and cursing cause facebook was somehow crashing my computer), and either doing a million whip stitches or attempting to make a ruffle scarf with a size 12 crochet hook cause I lost my size H hook.

Speaking of my size H hook and it’s lost status, somehow in the weekend I have lost an entire skein of yarn with a crochet hook stuck in it. If my mind would please remember where in blue blazes I put it I would reward my psychy and my wallet by making a ruffle scarf for one of my coworkers. I so need to clean (more – much, much more).



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