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A Bangle Bracelet That Fits! May 15, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Jewelry, Tutorial Tuesday.

This week I heard some great news: One of my favorite YouTubers is getting his own TV show! Mark Montano is going to be on PBS, and he’s going to have some cool guest including Threadbanger (my all-time fave YouTubers)!

To celebrate (and because I wanted to), this week I’m doing my own version of one of Mark’s projects – A ribbon wrapped bangle bracelet that actually fits my tiny wrists! (Mark, you are a genius.)

So you know what I’m talking about in this tutorial, here is Mark’s video to start us off with:

Simple, right? So, as Mark says “Let’s get started.”

Ribbon Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

– Zip ties (one long tie is best, but I couldn’t find any handy)
– Tape
– 1-2 40″ Lengths of ribbon (1/4″ – 3/8″ is best, but I picked one that was 1/2″ which was a little too big)
– Stone beads, but you can also use glass, plastic, metal, wood, whatever
– Seed beads
– Scissors for plastic (NEVER use your paper or fabric scissors for plastic!)
– Measuring tape
– Beading thread and needle

Ribbon wrapped bangle bracelet supplies

Step 1.
Measure your hand at the widest with your hand curled up (like in the picture). You want your bracelet to be loose, but not slip off no matter what you do.

Mine is 7 1/2″, so I’ll make my bracelet 8″

Measure your hand

Step 2.
Cut the ends off your zip ties.

Cut zip tie ends

Step 3.
I couldn’t find a long one, so I taped two together. Obviously, if you do find a nice long one then you can skip this step.

Tape two zip ties together

Step 4.
Cut your zip tie about 1/2 an inch longer than you need so you can tape it into a loop. Make sure your bracelet is a dandy size. (Yes, I have a stamp on my hand. I went to a conference that day.)

Cut zip tie 1/2" longer than you need

Try your zip tie bangle

Step 5.
String your stone beads and seed beads on your thread in whatever pattern you want. Since my ribbon was a full 1/2″ (instead of the suggested 1/4″ – 3/8″) I put two seed beads between each stone bead. String them on until it reaches around your bracelet as shown, then tie and cut your thread.

String your beads

Step 6.
Now this is a good spot to watch the video if you haven’t already – this part is tricky to describe. Take your ribbon and tie it onto your bracelet, but before you tighten the knot down, slip your beads into the knot.

Tie ribbon over beads onto bracelet

Step 7.
Now start wrapping the ribbon around your bracelet between the beads. I’m not sure you can see it in the picture, but since my ribbon was so wide I twisted it between the beads to make it narrower right where it needed. I only had to wrap my bracelet once – the ribbon covered the zip tie nicely. You can wrap yours twice to cover the zip tie and to give it a nice criss-cross look, or you can let some of the zip tie show (depending on the color of course).

Wrap ribbon around bracelet

Step 8.
When you’ve gone all the way around the bracelet just tie the end of the ribbon to the beginning. Cut the ribbon to the desired length and finish off the ends. Here Mark used Fray Check, but I prefer to carefully melt the ends of my ribbons with a lighter. Also, Mark buried one end and cut the other end super close, but I left mine intentionally out. I think it looks like a cute bow. In fact, if you leave a long enough beginning, you can tie your ribbon in an adorable bow – I haven’t seen many wrapped ribbon bracelets with a bow on them, so this would be a fun and easy way to make yours unique.

Voila! A fun and unique ribbon wrapped bracelet that actually fits us skinny-wristed people! (Did you notice that the stamp is now gone? It took me about a week to complete this project.)

My finished bracelet

Of course, you could do some fun things with yours. You could use interesting beads like those tri beads, or maybe shaped beads like unicorns. Maybe you could use embroidery floss instead of ribbon. Show me what you make!

Also, I’d love to hear other things I could use besides zip ties and tape. What can you come up with?



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