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So Much Crafty Fun! :D May 20, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Home Decor, Jewelry, My Original Ideas, Sewing, WIDTW.

This week was busy and fun! I got lots of crafting done. I think I’ll show you in order of completion:

1. Ruffle Yarn Necklace

I had some extra ruffle yarn left over after making a scarf for a customer (which usually doesn’t happen, but this little bit wasn’t tied to the rest of the skein), so I made a necklace. Turned out kind of fun! Sadly it’s not my colors, so if anyone wants to buy it… 😉

Ruffle Yarn Necklace

2. Black Ice Cool Necklace

Remember that tutorial I did on making an Ice Necklace? Well, I had a few more of the reusable ice cubes left over. I had been waiting for my local Walmart to get the cheap, white knee-his in, but it wasn’t happening, so I took a pair of black tights I had and made a black version. It kind of looks like a statement necklace you could wear to a fancy party – and no one would know you’re as cool as the hor’devours. 😉

Black Ice Necklace

3. Plastic Card Necklace

So I was browsing pinterest and came across some interesting card statement necklaces (which I foolishly didn’t repin, so I can’t find it again), and I had attempted to throw away a plastic card applicator that I got in a package with a vinyl decal, so I pulled out the card, sanded off the text, and drew an interesting flower. BTW, I drew the lines with sharpies and an exacto knife (so the lines didn’t rub off so easily), and I painted the flower with nail polish. I think it turned out fun. And when I pulled out the chain, it already had a knot in it, so I left it in for even more fun. 🙂

Plastic Card Necklace

4. Silver Stripe Mani

I went to the store the other day and successfully made it through without buying a sugared treat, so I bought myself a new bottle of nail polish! (Okay, maybe not financially equal, but got to admit it’s a fun diet plan. I think next time I’ll just reward myself with a new mani.) I love silver and I just had to try a mani I saw where you take tiny strips of masking tape and use them to make a kind of stencil for your nails. I tried to tear the tape for a tiger stripes look, but masking tape doesn’t like to tear into thin enough strips, so I ended up cutting it instead.

Silver Stripe Mani

5. Panda Pillowcase

My church’s women’s group did an activity on Thursday where we made pillowcases using an interesting technique to eliminate open seams (both the outside ones and the inside). I’ll have to try to find some instructions online sometime, but it included learning how to do a French seam: First you stitch it right-side out about a 1/4 inch, then you flip it inside out and stitch it 1/4 inch plus a bit to encapsulate the previous hem. Cool! This is a great stitch for hiding raw edges and is often used on fabrics that have a tendency to unravel.

Panda Pillowcase

6. Project Cabinet

My craft room isn’t great on organization, nor does it have space to have a table out all the time, so my Mom is helping me solve two problems with one stone… er project. She bought two cabinets at the local building supply thrift store (what do they call those stores?) and bolted them back to back to make one long two-ended cabinet. I then had fun painting them as you can see. My first time painting cabinets! (At least painting them how I wanted them.) We’re not done yet. Next she’ll make a wood top and a couple folding wings for this fabulous table, and add some wheels. I’ve already been filling the drawers with projects as you can see from the labels. (A preview of tomorrow’s tutorial. Can you guess what it is?)

Sewing Project Cabinet

Yep. This was an awesome week! I did a project nearly every day!

Well, got to run. It’s getting late.



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