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Learning Nail Art & Mending Button Holes May 27, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Home Decor, Nail Art, WIDTW.

WIDTW (What I Did This Week) – Well, mostly I’ve just been working on a bunch of mending. Now that I know how ridiculously many unfinished projects I have, I need to get going on them. Don’t worry, I’ll still be doing Tutorial Tuesdays, I’ll just try to do tutorials on projects I need to do or finish. (Might as well get two birds with one stone – post to blog and finish projects, right?)

Among these projects I’ve been working on I have an old vest. It started as a wrinkly mess. The vest had shrunk while the facing hadn’t so it didn’t lay right at all, the button holes had lost their stitching and the fabric was unraveling, and there was a bug-chewed hole right in front. I’m sure most people would have tossed it without even blinking. Even a seamstress would have thought twice about rescuing it, but I wanted to learn how to do ALL kinds of mending so I took it over my Mom’s. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve been learning how to use a pressing cloth on polyester, how to do an invisible hem on the facing, how to hand-stitch a button hole, and even how to readjust the facing without taking the vest apart and re-cutting the piece. Phew! A lot of great lessons, and the vest is starting to look so much better.

And while I was at my Mom’s, she did a little wood project for me (since I don’t have woodworking knowledge – yet). She made me sword hangers! Yay! I’ve been wanting some for years, and now I have them. They’re a nice simple design too. I was thinking they’d be thinner (my swords are just wood anyway), but this is the scrap wood she had.

Sword Hanger

Sword on hanger

Um, what else did I do this week? I put buttons on some of my sister’s kitchen towels so she can hang them on her oven door. I bought and painted a closet door that my Mom was going to use as a wing on my sewing cabinet/table, but she decided to use something else (oh well – it was at a building thrift store so it was cheap). And I painted my nails again. My nephews helped me with the pink part (except for a little over-painting, not too bad for a 3-yo and a 4 1/2-yo). The diamond pattern on them didn’t turn out very well though. After watching a bunch of videos by CutePolish on YouTube, I think the problem was that I let the polish dry too much before removing the masking tape (aka stencil). BTW, dollar store makeup is hit and miss, and I think I’ll just use the pink as accent from now on.

Silver diamonds mani

Well, back to mending and I’ll see you tomorrow with a project you’ve asked for and I’ve been meaning to do anyway.



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