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Big Projects & Going to a Conf. June 10, 2013

Posted by Sindy in WIDTW.

This week I’ve been trying to finish the keys tutorial I promised a couple weeks ago. (Go figure, the one tutorial I mention ahead and it’s taking forever.) It’s looking like I won’t get it done this week either.

You can’t blame me too much though (although I stink at predicting how long something is going to take me). In prep for a conference I’m going to next week, I’ve been working extra hours at my “day job.” I’ve been working my tail off at a job that’s only supposed to be part time so I can work on my books. Oh well, the books aren’t paying me anything yet.

Besides working on what was supposed to be tomorrow tute, I bought an awesome crocheted flower necklace at a local farmer’s market, and of course I haaad to wear it to church yesterday, and I haaad to do matching nail art with cute little red flowers (sadly I couldn’t get a good clear photo of my nails this week – so need a better camera). It was so fun, and I got lots of compliments, except everyone thought I had made it. Sigh, one day I do want to.

Anyways, got to get to my “day job.” See you tomorrow (and yes, I do have a tute for you guys).



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