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Writing Conference, Costumes, and Nail Art June 24, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Nail Art, WIDTW.

So I went to a writing conference last week (talk about a writer’s high). It was so much fun! I learned so much, got at least one story almost ready for submission, found an agent I might want (need to do more research though), and I got another 3 dozen ideas for books – seriously, on Tuesday new ideas just kept coming!

Since I’m a picture book author (and cause I just wanted an excuse to dress up cute) I wore a simple little costume each day, complete with matching nail art (most of the days, depending on how late I stayed up doing assignments). I didn’t get photos of the costumes, or a couple day of nail art, but I’ve included what I did get:

  • Monday – a Pink Kitty with pink kitty ears, a pink flower lacy shirt, and pink flower cuffs
    Pink Kitty Nail Art
  • Tuesday – Steampunk with a mini bowler hat, military jacket, and spats
    (Didn’t get photo)
  • Wednesday – Artist with a white lacy shirt, a fur newsboy hat, and a paintbrush tucked behind my ear
    (Didn’t have time to do nails)
  • Thursday – a Pink Plaid Punk with my pink plaid shirt, plaid fedora, and a crazy-cool blue plaid Aztec necktie
    Pink Punk Plaid with Black Animal Prints
    (In case you can’t see, I did the black with a matte coat and then did a different animal print in shiny on each nail. I love this one, but it took forever.)
  • Friday – a Pirate with the white lacy shirt again tied above the waist over a black shirt and a red & white striped pirate bandana (complete with skull and crossbones)
    Silver Flames Nail Art

BTW, there’s a pattern to all my costumes (besides trying to include nail art with each) – they each feature a hat! And on Tuesday one of my fellow attendees suggested I write a story with hats, so I did! It’s super fun (still has some work though), but you’ll have to wait to read it. Hopefully it will become a printed work.

Besides my costumes, I thought I wouldn’t get any crafting in, but as I was sifting through my photos I realized I had. As a “thank you” to my Aunt & Uncle who hosted me for the week I babysat their kids Friday night, and I got to introduce them to Shrinky Dinks. So fun! Even the teenager had loads of fun and was floored that we could make Shrinky Dinks with plastic #6. I made a couple things (mostly to show them how to do it), but one of them curled in on itself so it didn’t turn out (thankfully the only piece that didn’t turn out well), so I threw that one away. But the other one I made a cute little red diamond with a couple holes punched in it. I think it would be fun to make some more of these and make a necklace.

Red Diamond Shrinky Dink

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked about getting back to writing, so I’ll TTYL!



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[…] BTW, since I’m a picture book author/illustrator I thought I’d have a spot of fun by wearing a bit of a hat-centered costume every day. For example, on Wednesday I was an artist with a furry newsboy hat and a paintbrush tucked behind my ear. Just something simple. Anyway, if you’d like to hear more about my costumes (and see some of my corresponding nail art) check out my other blog Too Many Talents. […]

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