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Shopping Week! July 1, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Nail Art, WIDTW.

Not much crafting this week (unless you count the project for what will probably turn into next week’s tutorial). Instead this past week was a bunch of shopping.

First, I went to a surplus sale at my local college. It’s amazing some of the things you find there. And it’s a good thing I’m a DIYer and can fix some of these things. I got a rolling filing cabinet for my paperwork (which desperately needed it). It was bent pretty good at the top and both the top and bottom drawers were having issues because of it, but with some carefully placed wood and a good hammer it was straightened out in no time. I got some candy bins for my pantry (I’ll use them for grains instead of candy). Thank goodness for soap. Then, a turning stand for my jewelry. I put the necklaces on the spindles and then the bracelets on the shaft (I should get a pic). Finally I got a folding chair with a fold-up table/shelf. All the fabric needs replaced and the whole thing repainted, but it will be a fun project. The question is what’s something fun  I could do for the fabric parts? (Macrame spiderweb for a seat? Ugh. No thanks. Fake squashed fruit? That might prevent people from sitting on my seat, but I’d prefer something better. Maybe I could do some Edwardian embroidery? But with what time? Okay, time to open it up for suggestions from you.)

Next, stopped by the dollar store and found a few cute and cheap little craft kits (which I don’t usually buy any more, but they looked extra fun). There’s the picture below, and yes, I got a silly friendship bracelet kit. It has a unique pattern for a bracelet with flowers on it. I didn’t know you could do that with friendship bracelets. Oh, and there’s something called flexible fabric. That will be interesting to work with. And you just have to love anything you can customize, so I got a DIY mug and flower pot. I could trade out one of my little art pieces every day!

Dollar Store Kits

Finally, I stopped by a Walmart sidewalk clearance sale and found too much cool stuff including one-pound baby yarn (I got a couple for a baby blanket), plus I got a gel manicure kit for only $17! Yay! I’ve been wanting to try a gel mani for a while now, but I’m sure it would have cost me at least $30 just for a mani at a nail salon. It’s fascinating stuff. It feels kind of soft, but it’s not going anywhere (yet – I still need to test it when I weed the garden and when I sit in the heat this Thursday). BTW, I think I’ll paint and cure my thumbs separately – the gel ran before it could cure so now I have lumps on both thumbs.

Gel Mani



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