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Alternative Uses for a Scarf July 2, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Fashion, Home Decor, Sewing, Tutorial Tuesday.

So the other day I was talking to my sister’s grandma-in-law and she mentioned that she has so many allergies that it’s uncomfortable to wear scarves. She commented that there are so many beautiful scarves, and people keep giving them to her, but she just can’t use them. Besides wishing that everyone could use essential oils (it’s sad how many people are allergic to them), I thought I’d do a tutorial on some of the things anyone can do with a scarf (okay, many people).

Scarf collection


  • Scarves of all sorts
  • Something to put a scarf on


Wear it as a belt – Simply loosely tie it around your waist with a square knot. You can also string it through your belt loops for a different look.

Scarf belt

Wear it as a wrap skirt – Take a nice wide/big scarf and wrap around you like a skirt. (Maybe I shouldn’t have worn it over my jeans.)

Scarf wrap skirt

Wear it as a shawl – Of course there’s the classic of taking a big scarf and wearing it as a shawl, but did you know you can do the same thing with a thinner scarf? Just drape it behind you and over your elbows for a fascinatingly refined look.

Scarf as shawl

Scarf shawl

Wrap it on a flip-flop – If you have a pair of thinner scarves, or even a couple scarves that look good together (and good with the shoes) simply tie the scarf in a knot around the toe-post (for lack of a better term for it), wrap the straps with the scarf, and then wrap your foot like a gladiator sandal (but much more fashionable of course). I added a flower clip to hide that little bit of strap in the front that wasn’t covered by the scarf.

Scarf tied onto flip-flop

Scarf wrapped onto straps of flip-flop

Scarf on a flip-flop

Make a fashion statement – Drape a wider scarf over your shoulder and tie a thinner one at your waist.

Scarf fashion

Home Decor

Tie several on a curtain rod – I mentioned the scarf curtain a few weeks ago in my tutorial on how to organize scarves. It’s also a great way to use those fabulous scarves that may look great with your decor, but just don’t look so good on you.

Scarf curtain

Tie it around a pillow – Here I just took a throw pillow, tucked it inside a long-sleeved tee, tied the sleeves together in the back, and tied the scarf in the front with that ever-so-universally-lovely flower clip.

Scarf on pillow

Wrap it around a pillow – With a wider scarf you can wrap the entire pillow with it and tie it. Doesn’t it look exotic?

Scarf wrapped onto pillow

Wrap it on a chair – Again a wider scarf is needed. Just wrap like you did the pillow and tie it. (Sorry, I couldn’t find a good/available chair.)


And finally, Use it as fabric – Go ahead and cut it up. The friend who gave it to you will probably be tickled to see how creative you are.

And don’t forget, you can always give it to charity or re-gift it (I know, some people don’t like that word, but maybe then they’ll get the idea that you really don’t want another scarf).

What are your ideas?

Does this list tickle your imagination with a myriad of other possibilities? Let us know your ideas of what we can do with yet another scarf we could not pass in the store.



1. LFFL - July 2, 2013

Good article.

2. LubbyGirl - July 2, 2013

they can be used as embellishments on purses and totes also, which is what I do. I’ve also used some as liners for smaller purses, and for one purse I used one as a strap, wrapping the ends around and tucking them in out of sight, and then sewing them to secure them. Sure was pretty! There’s my suggestion for scarves! 🙂

Sindy - July 4, 2013

Thank you.

Sindy - July 4, 2013

Oh what fabulous ideas! I especially like the purse strap. So unique and easy! I’ll have to do that the next time my purse strap breaks. Thank you!

LubbyGirl - July 4, 2013

that’s what happened to me (broken purse strap), which is probably where I got the idea. 😆

Sindy - July 8, 2013

And it’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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