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Volunteering, My Superhero Mani, and The Plain Hat Question July 8, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Fashion, Nail Art.

As you may have noticed, the 4th of July rolled on through this past week. (Thankfully I have a very comfortable pair of earplugs.) The morning of the 4th was spent keeping an eye out for lost kids at the local big parade. I volunteer every year to provide communication along the parade route, and one of my duties is to find lost children and lost parents. We had several lost kids this year, but thankfully they were all reunited before long.

In the afternoon (after our tradition of going to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch and then heading home for a long-needed nap) we went to the craft fair. There were some very nice things, and I almost went home with a cool new lamp kit, but my determination to save money won out. Hopefully I can find a tutorial for that kind of lamp somewhere online. I also went home with a determination to make my own shirred hanky summer dress (shirred refers to the dresses with a gathered bodice that stretches – almost one-size-fits-all) out of COTTON! They have been at nearly every boutique booth for two years, and every last one of them is rayon. Talk about uncomfortable in almost any weather.

Anyway, just a report on my gel mani: it lasted pretty good… until the garden. They were already chipping a bit the next day after I did them, but they were passable until I did a bunch of finger weeding and peeled half of the French tip stickers off (yes, I coated the stickers with a layer of gel top coat and cured it, but they still peeled off). Oh, and on Thursday I subconsciously decided to turn my thumb into a pin cushion and ran a safety pin across the side of my finger. Thankfully the mani kept it from going through the middle of my thumb, but instead it took a good chunk out of the polish. Below is a picture of my gel mani after 6 days.

My gel mani after 6 days

Inspiration Request!

I also finished a knitted hat on a hat loom, but it’s too small for me. Sadly it’s looking a little plain, and it just doesn’t seem to want a plain ‘ol pompom. I left a little length of yarn on top in case I did end up adding something there, but I certainly don’t have to limit myself to doing so. Any suggestions out there?

Plain loom-knitted hat



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