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Making a Fabulous Thanksgiving Table November 12, 2013

Posted by Sindy in Fashion, Holidays, Home Decor.

So Thanksgiving is fast approching, and (almost) any crafter is feverishly looking for the perfect Thanksgiving table craft. I found a couple great videos to help you with that:

simpleDIYs has a great series testing Pinterest crafts. In this video she tries the “Decorate a mug with a Sharpie” tip. Result: Use an oil-based paint Sharpie, not your normal Sharpie, but it does work. Also, draw on the outside of whatever dish you’re decorating (not the eat-from side), and put the mug into a cold oven. I can’t wait to make some of these myself!

Mark Montano is one of my favorite YouTube crafters. This video on thestylishvids channel shows how to make a Thanksgiving table so easily that even the macho Thanksgiving-bird-carver can do it!

If you liked those plates Mark did, you have to check out these other plates. I think they are FABULOUS!

And I just can’t do a post about Thanksgiving crafts without this awesome video, again from Mark Montano.



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