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Hum While You Drive November 10, 2014

Posted by Sindy in Uncategorized.

Woman Driving

Let’s start with a story: Once upon a winter (last winter to be precise), a young woman got really sick with bronchitis. Ever since then her singing voice has left something to be desired. Many people remembered her relatively nice voice before the illness and invited her to join their little church singing groups, but she could not. Even in her regular church singing, her confidence and voice became smaller and smaller.

In the meantime, and for several years previous, her temper had been getting the better of her, especially on the road. Although she didn’t cause any accidents, and she always drove the speed limit, her family feared for her safety and sanity.

One day she woke up extra happy. On the way to work she realized something – she was humming. She didn’t usually hum, or even sing when she was happy (or when she was driving for that matter), but this time she was, and the more she thought about this new phenomenon the more she realized a few things where happening, which you may have guessed already: 1) She was driving calmer, 2) little by little she was sounding better, and 3) she wasn’t so distracted by her own thoughts and was better able to concentrate on her driving and what was going on around her. 🙂

She continued humming while she drove (usually nice calm songs, especially religious songs), and the more she has done it, the greater the benefits.

So I challenge you to try it! If you get a little, ahem, “excited” when you drive, try humming, whistling, or singing a nice calm song. You can even get the whole gang involved!

Also, if you are trying to build up your voice, start small with some nice light humming.

Have fun and be good! 😀

– Sindy



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