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A Different Way to Wear Acrylic Nails June 25, 2013

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So the other day I was surfing YouTube for new nail art ideas when I came across a super awesome 3D one. Talk about Wow! It was super beautiful, but there’s no way I could wear 3D nail art – too much crafting, gardening, etc. Also, a lot of these acrylic nails are gorgeous, but I do not like the idea of those glues and they’re so thick, so I’ll never wear those either. Then I saw a ladies earrings that looked very similar to acrylic nails. Idea! Why not use these beauties as pendants in jewelry!

Acrylic Nail Jewelry Set



So Much Crafty Fun! :D May 20, 2013

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This week was busy and fun! I got lots of crafting done. I think I’ll show you in order of completion:

1. Ruffle Yarn Necklace

I had some extra ruffle yarn left over after making a scarf for a customer (which usually doesn’t happen, but this little bit wasn’t tied to the rest of the skein), so I made a necklace. Turned out kind of fun! Sadly it’s not my colors, so if anyone wants to buy it… 😉

Ruffle Yarn Necklace

2. Black Ice Cool Necklace


A Bangle Bracelet That Fits! May 15, 2013

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This week I heard some great news: One of my favorite YouTubers is getting his own TV show! Mark Montano is going to be on PBS, and he’s going to have some cool guest including Threadbanger (my all-time fave YouTubers)!

To celebrate (and because I wanted to), this week I’m doing my own version of one of Mark’s projects – A ribbon wrapped bangle bracelet that actually fits my tiny wrists! (Mark, you are a genius.)


Display your beautiful fabrics, then reuse them when you find the perfect project April 30, 2013

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Like many people who sew, I collect fabric. And, of course, that collection mostly consists of beautiful fabric that I’m either waiting for the perfect project to use it, or I don’t want to waste such a lovely piece. And then, there’s my box full of frames that never got finished, and a grocery bag full of extra 5×7 picture mats that I found at the dollar store years ago (and no, I don’t have frames to go with them). What in the world can I do with all this stuff?

Now, I’d show you the photo I found that led to this tutorial’s inspiration, but I’ve sadly lost the link. I’ve seen the idea before – take an artist’s canvas and cover it with fabric. This time I had an “aha!” moment – Cover my unfinished frames and extra mats with fabric. No one can tell the difference, and you can even reuse the fabric for a project after enjoying it on your wall. This would also work for display beautiful scarves, hankies, etc. PLUS you can use it for your jewelry too!

Fabric Frames

– Empty wood frame or mat big enough for you fabric, but small enough so the fabric wraps nicely around the frame (note: the frame must be wood if you want to use the first method shown below)
– Fabric, scarf, hanky, doily, etc. large enough to wrap around your frame, but not too big so it’s bulky in the back
– Thumb tacks
– Needle nose pliers (not pictured)
– Hammer (not pictured)
– Double-stick tape
– Jewelry pieces like pins and earrings that match your fabric

Fabric Frames supplies


The Latest Hair Trend – Looks Good with Short Hair Too April 23, 2013

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Oh no! I’ve been doing some Spring cleaning today and almost forgot to put up the tutorial for Tutorial Tuesday! Then I’ll make this quick.

The other day I was watching several of anneorshine‘s YouTube videos. In one of them she and Cute Girls Hairstyles showed how to make one of the latest hair trends – Hair Jewelry! (You can watch her video here >).

I was so excited to learn about hair jewelry since I have a short hairstyle and can’t do much variation with it, so here’s my little version.

Hair Jewelry:


– Your choice of jewelry or jewelry pieces (you can use necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or just jewelry pieces or chains from the craft store – it’s best to use lighter weight pieces, especially if your hair is wispy like mine)
– Bobby pins (or whatever you call them)
– Jewelry pliers
– Jump rings

Hair jewelry supplies