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A Different Way to Wear Acrylic Nails June 25, 2013

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So the other day I was surfing YouTube for new nail art ideas when I came across a super awesome 3D one. Talk about Wow! It was super beautiful, but there’s no way I could wear 3D nail art – too much crafting, gardening, etc. Also, a lot of these acrylic nails are gorgeous, but I do not like the idea of those glues and they’re so thick, so I’ll never wear those either. Then I saw a ladies earrings that looked very similar to acrylic nails. Idea! Why not use these beauties as pendants in jewelry!

Acrylic Nail Jewelry Set



So Much Crafty Fun! :D May 20, 2013

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This week was busy and fun! I got lots of crafting done. I think I’ll show you in order of completion:

1. Ruffle Yarn Necklace

I had some extra ruffle yarn left over after making a scarf for a customer (which usually doesn’t happen, but this little bit wasn’t tied to the rest of the skein), so I made a necklace. Turned out kind of fun! Sadly it’s not my colors, so if anyone wants to buy it… 😉

Ruffle Yarn Necklace

2. Black Ice Cool Necklace


Display your beautiful fabrics, then reuse them when you find the perfect project April 30, 2013

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Like many people who sew, I collect fabric. And, of course, that collection mostly consists of beautiful fabric that I’m either waiting for the perfect project to use it, or I don’t want to waste such a lovely piece. And then, there’s my box full of frames that never got finished, and a grocery bag full of extra 5×7 picture mats that I found at the dollar store years ago (and no, I don’t have frames to go with them). What in the world can I do with all this stuff?

Now, I’d show you the photo I found that led to this tutorial’s inspiration, but I’ve sadly lost the link. I’ve seen the idea before – take an artist’s canvas and cover it with fabric. This time I had an “aha!” moment – Cover my unfinished frames and extra mats with fabric. No one can tell the difference, and you can even reuse the fabric for a project after enjoying it on your wall. This would also work for display beautiful scarves, hankies, etc. PLUS you can use it for your jewelry too!

Fabric Frames

– Empty wood frame or mat big enough for you fabric, but small enough so the fabric wraps nicely around the frame (note: the frame must be wood if you want to use the first method shown below)
– Fabric, scarf, hanky, doily, etc. large enough to wrap around your frame, but not too big so it’s bulky in the back
– Thumb tacks
– Needle nose pliers (not pictured)
– Hammer (not pictured)
– Double-stick tape
– Jewelry pieces like pins and earrings that match your fabric

Fabric Frames supplies


Etch-a-Glass March 23, 2013

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Several years ago when I was a teenager, back in the neolithic period (not the jurassic – I’m not that old yet) I went to a church activity where I was first introduced to glass etching. We made “root beer” steins by plastering them with stickers, smearing on some toxic goo, and then washing away the cheap, glittered pictures. I must admit it was fun, although I should have been more careful which stickers I put where.

Back to the present, I’ve been seeing plenty of pins on pinterest with the same concept – apply stickers, smear goo, wait then wash. One of these days I’ll do it again, but maybe this time I’ll try something new.

This morning I was visiting my Mom and saw an old lamp with an etched glass base. Apparently whoever made it had painted the glass with flowers and stems and then etched the rest. Well, eventually some of the paint has chipped off (it’s possible they just used craft paint instead of glass paint), leaving a clear, un-etched line.

Lightbulb! You can draw your own designs on the glass before you etch it! You can use craft paint, but then you’d have to chip it off, but how about something more easily removable – gluegun! I’d suggest a lo-temp gluegun to draw your own design, etch the glass, wash it, and the glue will peel right off. Again, like the busy and cheap person I am, I haven’t tried this yet, so this is just a theory right now. Who knows, maybe the glue with crack giving the etching a crackled look. (Hmmm, I wonder if I can use crayon or wax to get even more of a crackled look like batik.)

Anyway, let me know if you try it. In fact, put some photos in your comment. I’d love to see what this does.

Earbud Hoodie & DIY Donut Baking Tray February 19, 2013

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Yesterday I went shopping to catch some of the President’s Day sales (I know, I must be out of my mind) and on the way home I stopped at a local dollar store to pick up some snacks. Well two DIY lightening bolts hit my brain:

  1. The cashier was wearing a hoodie with earbuds built into the drawstrings. Brilliant! It shouldn’t be that hard to mimic it. Of course I don’t know how to make the wide shoe-lace-like strings so I can encapsulate the wires inside, but I’m sure I can work around that.
  2. During my shopping I had stopped at two thrift stores. In one I found one of those donut baking trays, but the second one usually has them cheaper so I waited. Of course, they didn’t have any. Oh well. Then I stopped by the dollar store and spotted the aluminum muffin tins – Brainstorm! Just put a marble under each muffin cup, gently press down (you might need to do some shaping with your fingers), and voila! An instant, super cheap donut baking tray! (That’s 50 cents vs. $5 vs. what? $15 retail?) Of course I haven’t tried it yet (I’m guessing the donuts might be difficult to get out of the tray), so I’ll have to let you know if it works. Hmm, I wonder where to find a recipe?

Let me know if you try either of these ideas! 😀

An Idea for Colorado Forest Recovery July 11, 2012

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Heard on the radio this morning Mitt’s plea for tourists to come back to Colorado despite the fire damage. Here’s an idea for them: $30 lets a tourist help clean up for a day and at the end they get to plant a tree with a little tag with their name on it. 🙂 It would also encourage them to come back next year to see how THEIR little tree is doing (if you give them the GPS coordinates of their tree). 🙂 All proceeds could either go to fire fighting, cleanup, and prevention, or to those affected by the fires.

Christmas List – Stair Lights (WIP – Work In Progress) December 10, 2010

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First a little background story: Our house has a set of curved stairs. Since the house was built in the 70’s when there weren’t many laws about curved stairs, the end of the steps on the inside of the curve came to a sharp point. There was no place to securely put your foot on that end. There was also a super short step at the bottom (only 3″ tall) which was constantly tripping us, plus the house has few good window so it’s constantly dark.

15 years after we moved in, my Mom broke her leg on those stairs and my awesome grandpa (the best contractor in the Boise area in his time) came down and rebuilt them. They are still curved, but now they have a proper platform on both ends and the super short step is gone.

One problem persists though – the house is still dark. Even after we removed the dark blue carpet and installed a beautiful cream, it’s still dark. One of the tricks of DIYing Christmas is to listen to what people complain about, and those dark stairs are what I heard. Now, how to fix it?

I found some great Instructables on how to make stair lights (including one with an IR detector, which would be nice but there isn’t any good place to put it), but I have a simpler idea – battery-operated LED tea lights. They already have the bulb and the battery case in one unit, and they’re fairly cheap (I can get them for about 50 cents at my local dollar store). Plue, if a battery dies it’s only one light that goes out instead of all of them. I could also make reflector covers out of aluminum cans to direct the light down onto the step. There’s a nice wide overhang on each step to cover them too.

Now the question is how to attach them to the step – especially so they can be easily removed to replace the battery. I wonder if the hardware store has some really small L brackets I could glue on the sides and then screw into the stair riser? I’ll have to think about that one.

The Idea Journal May 21, 2010

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The other day I had a brain storm in the shower (funny how they often come in the shower). It’s called an Idea Journal.

The idea is pretty simple – it’s just a little book where you record your ideas. Make sure to leave space for a sketch (I use the opposite page), the date, a short description, and how/where you got the idea.

I now have a little notebook in my purse, and it’s amazing how quickly it’s filling up. I’ve been recording fashion ideas, story ideas, and even thoughts about some everyday tasks. It’s super easy to use and the results are fabulous. Remember, this is like a brainstorm session on the go, so I write anything and everything that comes to mind. Even if it sounds dumb at the time, writing down everything is a great way to exercise your imagination muscles, and browsing it later can spark other and better ideas.

Here’s an example from my idea journal:

Last night (the 20th) as I watched TV a commercial came up (I can’t even remember what it was for) that had an interesting psychological trick. Like most commercials they said the phone number twice, but after the first time they said the phrase “Catchy number isn’t it?” referring to how the sounds of the phone number rolled off the tongue. Just this simple phrase catches people’s attention and they listen more carefully the second time the phone number is read. What an interesting and simple concept!

As I continue writing in this journal, perhaps I can post some of these ideas here on this blog.

If you decide to start an idea journal, feel free to tell us some of the ideas you write in it in the comments below, and let us know how it’s working for you.