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Alternative Uses for a Scarf July 2, 2013

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So the other day I was talking to my sister’s grandma-in-law and she mentioned that she has so many allergies that it’s uncomfortable to wear scarves. She commented that there are so many beautiful scarves, and people keep giving them to her, but she just can’t use them. Besides wishing that everyone could use essential oils (it’s sad how many people are allergic to them), I thought I’d do a tutorial on some of the things anyone can do with a scarf (okay, many people).

Scarf collection



So Much Crafty Fun! :D May 20, 2013

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This week was busy and fun! I got lots of crafting done. I think I’ll show you in order of completion:

1. Ruffle Yarn Necklace

I had some extra ruffle yarn left over after making a scarf for a customer (which usually doesn’t happen, but this little bit wasn’t tied to the rest of the skein), so I made a necklace. Turned out kind of fun! Sadly it’s not my colors, so if anyone wants to buy it… 😉

Ruffle Yarn Necklace

2. Black Ice Cool Necklace


Fascinating Fashion February 1, 2012

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I don’t tend to watch the fashion shows, even the red carpet makes me long for the Victorian era (at least part of it), but I’m amazed at all the people out in the DIY scene who have taken ideas from the runway and made their own at home.

Here are some I found just today – they even have a tutorial so you can make your own:

The Fendi Frill by Honestly WTF

Erica from Honestly WTF turned the Fendi Frill into reality with a pin-on version that adds ruffle to any blouse. Actually, you could even make a couple of them and pin them to your pants for a faux bell bottoms look.

Schouler Scroll Necklace by Honestly WTF

If I HAD to wear a large necklace (I usually don’t since I’m kind of a petite girl) I’d go with this lovely yet fascinating Schouler Scroll Necklace, again by Erica of Honestly WTF. Her ingenious process includes using wood accents you’d find in the hardware store. I don’t think I would have thought of that.

Now for one of my favorite crafters, Corinne Czar of Craftovision (formerly of Threadbangers), who brings us these rather fun Doily Wedge Shoes! I think it would be fun to combine this idea with the following by Corinne’s good friend (and fellow Threadbanger) Meg Allan Cole:

In this video, Meg blocks off and paints the heels of a pair of wedges. I’ve also seen ideas where the heel (or other parts of the shoe) are covered with gems. Wouldn’t that be so fun for jazzing up a random pair of shoes? Maybe even my stiletto boots?

With all these great ideas, I could become a runway fashionista in a quick weekend. 😀

Have you seen any other runway ideas turned DIY tutorials? Which are your favorites? Send me a comment and let me know.

Sew Anything Anywhere – From Maker Faire 2010 June 26, 2010

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To start off, yes I missed Maker Faire this year (and subsequently I am crying in my mug of cream soda), but I’m finding all sorts of cool videos of what there was.

One that I just found and that I thought I’d share is this one where Paul Nosa is using a Solar Powered Sewing Maching to do Freehand Embroidery! Oh yeah, I’m geeking out!

From what I can see he just removed the foot on his machine (I sure hope he’s careful with his needle) and put down his feed-dogs. But cooler than that is that it’s all solar powered! And from the sound of it he’s sewing up designs for anybody from a short description.

I think it would super cool to set up something like this in a park. I’m sure you’ve seen those artists drawing caricatures, but how about someone sewing them instead – now that would get some attention!

Weekend Project(s) – Toast Plushie Tutorial January 22, 2010

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I was browsing through DeviantArt yesterday, when I came across aiwa-9 who makes some pretty fun tiny plushies, including some fun (and fat free ;)) desserts. She also had a couple really fun tutorials including how to make an adorable plushie toast.

I think I’ll try it out and make some mini plushies. Hmm, I think I’ll make some toast, a couple of pb&j pendants (you know, like “best friends” or something like that), an ice cream would be fun, definitely a cheesecake, and a …

Kudos to Threadbangers! I Love Their New “Quickies” Show! January 13, 2010

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Threadbangers just came out with a brand new show – Quickies! It’s just quick tips and tricks that any seamster could use.

Their first two videos have been introducing a couple of unique scissors that even I have never heard of. My fav part was at the end when the presenter (Kenneth D. King) laid it out that you should NEVER use your fabric scissors on paper!!! I’ve known this ever since my Mom gave me a time out for doing just that, but I had never seen it on Threadbangers’ site.

BTW, at our house we have three pairs of scissors – fabric scissors, paper scissors, and plastic scissors – and never shall they be used for anything else!!!

Incredible! – Flannel Shirt Turned Lovely Blouse! December 12, 2009

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Okay, this lady is amazing! I have no idea how she did this, but she turned an old flannel shirt into a lovely blouse. Seriously, the two shirts below are the same shirt (the before is on the left). I love the shirt tails in the back.

I definitely need to do this with some of my old flannel shirts (now that would be one way to guarantee getting a video onto Threadbanger).

Flannel Shirt Turned Lovely Blouse

Weekend Project(s) – eKitty – Make Your Own Virtual Cat! December 11, 2009

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Uber sweet! I am constantly floored by what someone has figure out how to DIY (and the things they haven’t, but that’s a topic for another day). This awesome virtual cat is definitely one of them. Although it’s pretty simple – just a little LCD screen that cycles through a few facial expressions, there is a hint to something about facial recognition, so perhaps there is possibility of interaction.

I think it would be fun to make an adapted version of this – maybe something where if you touch certain parts (the back, the head, the ear, the tail, etc.) it will make different faces, or even talk to you. (“Prrr. I like it when you pet me.”)

The Fashionable Artist – Sketching Your Own Fashions December 2, 2009

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Woohoo! I recently found on Threadbanger a video talking about how pattern companies draw up their new fashions. They start with something called a Croquis (that’s pronounced Croakey). It’s like a basic sketch of a person that you can draw your fashions overtop. This would be great for the comic strip I’m developing since one of the characters is a fashionista who creates her own fashions.

Of course the video didn’t have a link to any Croquis (in fact I’m lucky they put the word up or I could never have quessed how to spell it), so I found some for you guys: Croquis Templates

I can’t wait to try these out!

Geeks + Fashion = FairytaleFashion.org November 25, 2009

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On occasion I’ve talked about a few pretty geeky fashions – EL Wire, integrated technology (the keyboard pants), conductive ribbon, etc. – but they’re almost nothing compared to an online show I found called FairytaleFashion.org!

We’re talking deep-thinking fashion here! In one episode the host (Diana Eng) talks about Miura-Ori Structures – a kind of folding that happens in nature (like with flowers so they can open up easily). In another, she presents a Drawdio (like a pencil with a speaker attached) which was invented by an MIT student and how it might react with conductive thread. Talk about taking fashion and technology to the next level! Forget simply plugging your iPod into your sweater!

And at the end of each episode she asks the viewer to think about how they would incorporate such technologies into clothing. Wow, I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but one of these days…