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Hum While You Drive November 10, 2014

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Woman Driving

Let’s start with a story: Once upon a winter (last winter to be precise), a young woman got really sick with bronchitis. Ever since then her singing voice has left something to be desired. Many people remembered her relatively nice voice before the illness and invited her to join their little church singing groups, but she could not. Even in her regular church singing, her confidence and voice became smaller and smaller.

In the meantime, and for several years previous, her temper had been getting the better of her, especially on the road. Although she didn’t cause any accidents, and she always drove the speed limit, her family feared for her safety and sanity.

One day she woke up extra happy. On the way to work she realized something – she was humming. She didn’t usually hum, or even sing when she was happy (or when she was driving for that matter), but this time she was, and the more she thought about this new phenomenon the more she realized a few things where happening, which you may have guessed already: 1) She was driving calmer, 2) little by little she was sounding better, and 3) she wasn’t so distracted by her own thoughts and was better able to concentrate on her driving and what was going on around her. 🙂

She continued humming while she drove (usually nice calm songs, especially religious songs), and the more she has done it, the greater the benefits.

So I challenge you to try it! If you get a little, ahem, “excited” when you drive, try humming, whistling, or singing a nice calm song. You can even get the whole gang involved!

Also, if you are trying to build up your voice, start small with some nice light humming.

Have fun and be good! 😀

– Sindy


DIY Custom Lipstick! November 5, 2014

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So it’s been a really lazy day for me. Even though I have a huge list to do (including cleaning, dyeing shoelaces, etc.) I’ve just been watching videos and playing games all day. Correction: I did go shopping and finally found the cutest pair of Ugg boots that I’ve been wanting for a few years now at only $15, plus I got the ingredients I need for some chili for an office party on Monday, and I got some containers for giving apple butter this holiday season. Oh, and my neighbor let me come get some awesome weeds that are super healthy.

So back to talking about the videos. I just came across this insanely awesome tutorial on how to make lipstick with crayons! I’m not super into lipstick and makeup stuff, but anything I can customize really gets me excited. Plus this is super cheap and easy. AND it uses coconut oil – a natural and healthy ingredient. You almost can’t get any better than that. (I put in “almost” because crayons aren’t the most natural thing and I’m kind of picky about how my lipstick feels, so we’ll have to see.)

Anyway, here you go:

I love the idea of a burgundy lipstick (my fave color). I wonder if I my nephews will let me trade them new crayons for their old, peeled, broken ones. 😉

Have fun and be good! 😀

– Sindy

Happy Thanksgiving! November 26, 2013

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We’re all busy with Thanksgiving preparations, whether it’s meal planning & prep, decorating the house and table, setting up beds for guests, packing our luggage, or just finding your biggest pants.

I would like to wish you all


Brain Implosion. Be Back Next Week. :P June 4, 2013

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We’re sorry. The poster of this blog has experienced a brain implosion in connection with difficulties in preparing the next tutorial (namely it isn’t working right and it’s taking too long and she’s finding it difficult to think during allergy season). It is recommended that you return next week.

Tutorial Tuesday Postponed :( May 14, 2013

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Would you believe it?! I get up this morning to write and post today’s fun tutorial, and my camera’s battery is dead! I knew I should have ordered an extra battery when I bought the camera. And yes, note to self: Start writing the post the day I do the project and take the photos instead of the morning it’s due.

Anyway, it’s going to take a few hours to charge it, and by then I’ll be off to work and then tatting class, so I hope you’ll excuse me while I wait until tomorrow. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a great one (not a super easy, cheesy one like I’ve done the past few weeks), and I’m paying homage to one of my fave YouTubers who just made a big announcement. Just you wait until tomorrow!

Knit Lit? March 21, 2013

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So, I’ve been hearing about a new genre of book called Knit Lit or Craft Lit. Knit Lit basically stands for Knitting Literature (or Knitter’s Literature or something like that).

The idea is simple: Incorporate knitting and other crafting into a novel. Most often the main character is a crafter. The solution to the problem may or may not be solved via the craft, but it is good if the problem is solved via things the crafter knows because they are a crafter (like solving a murder by identifying some threads, or being able to ‘piece together’ the clues like a quilt in their mind).

I first learned about Knit-Lit in an interview of The Crafty Chica by Corinne Leigh. They didn’t use the word Knit-Lit, but her books sound fun. Check them out on Amazon. Then I heard about a Heather Ordover of Craftlit.com  (on a video by Tara Swiger – I need to blog about her some time) who is doing a Craft Lit podcast so you can craft and listen to books at the same time! And what do you know, there’s a whole section on goodreads.com with Knit Lit!

To top off this little intro to Knit Lit, as an author and crafter, I think it would be fun to write a book myself. In fact, I dreamed I was on a spaceship that stopped at each inhabited planet it came to. Before we got there the ship would research the planet and make costumes for the crew. “The Ship That Sews.” Okay, so maybe the idea needs some work.

National Quilting Day! March 13, 2013

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OMW! (That’s “Oh My Word”) I just found out that National Quilting Day is this Saturday!

But that also requests a great big sigh. Between babysitting my nephews and preparing a couple laptops for sale, I doubt I’ll even have time to look at my fabric.

But wait! I have a few baby texture books in the works (that’s quilting, right?). Maybe I can sew together a couple pages to celebrate.

What are you doing to celebrate National Quilting Day? You could do an entire quilt, tie a quilt, give a finished one to someone in need (even if it’s a purchased one), buy a quilting magazine, look at a quilting magazine, plan a quilt, wish you knew how to quilt, or even just snuggle up in a quilt. Even if it’s something small like looking in the general direction of the fabric store, I’d like to hear what your plans are.

Pinterest Crazy! o.@ February 18, 2013

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I joined pinterest a couple weeks ago and I’m loving it! Already I’m addicted and I have waaaay too many crafts I want to make. Note to self, I need to invent time machine AND find the fountain of youth so I have time to do all these awesome projects!

Come check it out: https://pinterest.com/shesuquintz/

Fruit Cakes :D February 16, 2013

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Like many people, I should really cut the sugar and white flour and eat more produce. Well, today I learned about something called a “fruit cake.” It’s a simple concept: Pile sliced and mashed fruit into a cake shape, but boy does it look yummy! (Note: I don’t think I’ll make one unless I’m having a party. I wouldn’t want to eat all that fruit before it goes bad.)

Here are a couple that look really good:

Mango Cherry Cake (It even has date & vanilla icing!)

Kiwi Banana Turtle Cake
Turtle Fruit CakePeeled, and thinly sliced kiwis (as many as it takes to cover shell)
Bananas, thinly sliced, lengthwise
Coconut flesh (1/2 cup)
Coconut water (1/4 cup)
Dates, pitted (1/2 cup)

1. Put coconut flesh, coconut water, and dates into a blender, and blend on high until you get an “icing” like consistency (not too liquidy, if it is too thin, add more dates)

2. Start with layered bananas on the bottom, followed by some coconut date “icing”, followed by thinly sliced kiwi rounds, and then some more “icing”, and then more banana slices. Continue this pattern, moving slowly into the center until you get a 1/2 circle shape on your plate.

3. Next, layer the 1/2 circle with thinly sliced kiwi rounds to make the green colour of the turtle shell.

4. Make the head, feet, and tail, simply by carving out individual kiwis to get the shapes like in the picture.

3D Printer Trading Cards June 25, 2012

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Geeking out here! These are funny (& cool!). They’re cards featuring different kinds of 3D printers that one can make at home.