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Fascinating Fashion February 1, 2012

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I don’t tend to watch the fashion shows, even the red carpet makes me long for the Victorian era (at least part of it), but I’m amazed at all the people out in the DIY scene who have taken ideas from the runway and made their own at home.

Here are some I found just today – they even have a tutorial so you can make your own:

The Fendi Frill by Honestly WTF

Erica from Honestly WTF turned the Fendi Frill into reality with a pin-on version that adds ruffle to any blouse. Actually, you could even make a couple of them and pin them to your pants for a faux bell bottoms look.

Schouler Scroll Necklace by Honestly WTF

If I HAD to wear a large necklace (I usually don’t since I’m kind of a petite girl) I’d go with this lovely yet fascinating Schouler Scroll Necklace, again by Erica of Honestly WTF. Her ingenious process includes using wood accents you’d find in the hardware store. I don’t think I would have thought of that.

Now for one of my favorite crafters, Corinne Czar of Craftovision (formerly of Threadbangers), who brings us these rather fun Doily Wedge Shoes! I think it would be fun to combine this idea with the following by Corinne’s good friend (and fellow Threadbanger) Meg Allan Cole:

In this video, Meg blocks off and paints the heels of a pair of wedges. I’ve also seen ideas where the heel (or other parts of the shoe) are covered with gems. Wouldn’t that be so fun for jazzing up a random pair of shoes? Maybe even my stiletto boots?

With all these great ideas, I could become a runway fashionista in a quick weekend. 😀

Have you seen any other runway ideas turned DIY tutorials? Which are your favorites? Send me a comment and let me know.


A Different Kind of Fairy Wings July 26, 2010

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I’m sure you’ve seen them, like everywhere – the fairy wings made of nylon mesh and wire:

Click image for a tutorial

They’re cute I grant you, but come on, EVERYONE has them (okay, just the fairies). It’s time for something different.

I give you (okay, Fruppi on Instructables gives you), Crocheted Fairy Wings!

Don’t these look great? They’re so unique and different, and in some ways, they look more “natural” like a nature fairy might wear. And the best part? I can make them my size for a great price. (Do you know how much costume places charge for adult wings?! And they’re so HUGE!)

Fave Instructables of the Week July 9, 2010

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I’m Back!!!!! (At least for now)

It’s been a while since there were any Instructables that I just HAD to share, but this week is full of good stuff. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business:

Power Laces
The geeky, Instructables way to tie your shoes – with a motor! It includes pressure sensors so it doesn’t tighten them too much, plus extra buttons in case you want your shoes a little tighter or looser today. It’s also an interested fashion statement and conversation starter.

Rice Krispie Watermelon
Kind of a small watermelon, but then again, you don’t want too much rice krispie treat. Wait, what am I saying? Go ahead and make this super fun giant rice krispie treat that looks like a watermelon into a full watermelon size! (Or bigger ;)) Do me one favor though – make it a yellow watermelon (they do exist) just for me (remember: I’m allergic to red food coloring). 😉

Bicycle Sidecar
Aw, the good ol’ classic sidecar. Sadly you don’t see many of those around these days. I must admit, they’re not very comfy, but if you adapt this Instructable it can be very comfy! (Hmmm, imagine one with a built in TV for your passenger.) Of course, this one’s for a bicycle instead of a motorcycle, but hey, I think it would be great fun to make a bicycle that looks like a motorcycle. 🙂

Touchless Lamp
Okay, the title of this one just doesn’t describe it enough. Basically, it’s a lamp where you don’t even have to touch it to turn it on or off (great for those who are health-conscious, or just like cool accessories)! It’s an awesome looking lamp too. Very sleek and modern. The picture above is the lamp (on the lamp) plus some other etch art pieces. I think the ensemble is fantastic!

USB Bike Generator
“Hey honey-bunch, you’re looking a little wider around the middle. Oh, and the cell phones need charged.” Well, it’s your lucky day – take of both in one activity with the USB Bike Generator! As you peddle away the pounds it can charge up to two USB devices! Never run out of battery on your iPod while in that 100 mile race again! Now to find a USB powered TV so I can run the TV off the exercycle. 🙂

Mmm, these look sooooo good! Apparently it’s some sort of fried snack made with mashed potatoes and some other good stuff. I think they’d make a great to-go breakfast.

The Dragon’s Treasure – Too Many Talents Original Idea March 31, 2010

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*huff, huff* Oh, phew. That’s quite a climb back up from falling off the face of the planet. *pant, pant* This is harder than I thought.

Anyway, I have a special treat for you guys – An official Too Many Talents original idea!

First, some history of this oh-so-fabulous idea (I know, my opinion of myself is kind of high today ;)): I was cruising one of my favorite blogs The Dainty Squid. The blog’s author (Kaylah) always has some fascinating photos on there. Today, it was a photo of a fascinating piece of art that looks like a scaly whale:

Scaly Whale Wall Art

Of course, I can sometimes be too logical for my own good. Whales don’t have scales! That got me thinking – but Dragons do! 🙂

That would be fun, making a scaly dragon wall art thingy. So, continuing the thought process – what to make the scales out of? Then it hit me like a water balloon 😉 – I collect samples of things like fabrics, wallpaper, patterns, etc. that I like. Why not make the dragon’s scales out of those? Cool! Awesome art AND functional!

And of course, if you’re not particularly a fan of dragons, you can certainly make a fish, or a lizard, or something else that’s scaly. Or you could make something that isn’t usually scaly like a whale.

I personally would make it easy to take the samples off (so you could take it to the store to show the clerk), so maybe something like a dragon shaped cork-board. (Hey! That would also help the “scales” stick out from the board!) Oh yeah, this will be fun! XD

Munnyworld – DIY Toys! January 23, 2010

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Mini MUNNYOkay, so I was minding my own business, browsing along deviantArt, when I spotted an ad for something that said do-it-yourself toys. Of course, like a good little girl, I don’t tend to click on ads, but this was intriguing (that and I haven’t been burned yet by the ads on deviantArt – yet).

Come to find out, it’s a product called Munnyworld. Do you guys remember those fabric bears that were popular a few years ago? You would color on them with some special fabric markers and then toss them in the washing machine when you wanted to start fresh. These are -somewhat- like those, but these are made out of sturdy vinyl and you can draw on them with good permanent markers, or acrylic paints, or whatever. Oh, and you can’t wash them to start over (hmm, I wonder if dry and wet erase markers would work on them).

So, if you want a little teddy bear that looks like Jacob from Twilight, or a cute dragon with native american tattoos, this is definitely a good place to start.

Weekend Project(s) – Toast Plushie Tutorial January 22, 2010

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I was browsing through DeviantArt yesterday, when I came across aiwa-9 who makes some pretty fun tiny plushies, including some fun (and fat free ;)) desserts. She also had a couple really fun tutorials including how to make an adorable plushie toast.

I think I’ll try it out and make some mini plushies. Hmm, I think I’ll make some toast, a couple of pb&j pendants (you know, like “best friends” or something like that), an ice cream would be fun, definitely a cheesecake, and a …

Weekend Project(s) – Beading Tutorials January 15, 2010

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Lately I’ve been in a bit of a beading kick, and as part of that I made another order to Fire Mountain Gems. (BTW, I’m a big fan of theirs.)

Anyway, I noticed they now have video tutorials, including some stuff I’ve always wanted to know (tubular peyote, using bead reamers, cloisonne, comparing glues, etc.) Many of the videos have printable instructions as well, so you can watch the video now and then print it out to use as a reminder.

Beaded Flower Ribbon Necklace

I can’t wait till Monday to tell you what I did this weekend!

Favorite Instructables of the Week January 14, 2010

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Whoaweeze! Last week was slim pickings, but this week is a gailstorm of awesome Instructables! We have everything from a homemade projector to a squirrel next camera and even a 100ft glow stick! This has been one of the best weeks for Instructables ever!

Multimedia LED Projector

Multimedia LED Projector
Wow! Of all the projector Instructables I’ve seen (including one where they just used an iPod and they simply enlarged and projected the picture – certainly not home-theatre quality), this one is the most professional. I’ve been wanting a projector for a long time now, and maybe this Instructable will do the job. Now the question is where to get some of these parts.

Harry Potter Spell Book

Harry Potter Spell Book
First of all, a disclaimer: I am NOT a Harry Potter fan! I just think some of these projects are really cool. I mean, come on, what fantasy loving creature such as myself wouldn’t like a lovely old spell book? Except, I personally would print and bind my own book (here’s a great Instructable for book binding) instead of using a great old book. Besides, I certainly don’t want to pick up a great book of spells and find out it’s only an old psychology textbook.

Squirrel Nest Camera

Squirrel Nest Camera
This would be awesome for a classroom! In fact, it would be great for all kinds of groups of kids: cub scouts, neighbors, nieces and nephews (hehe, that would be one way to become the favorite aunt ;)), grandkids, etc. It’s great for adults too. So Cute! >.< You can watch other animals too.

Water Bottle Kayak

Water Bottle Kayak
Hey, there’s already a floating island made of junk. Why not just grab a paddle and go to town? In case you can’t see the picture very well, they gathered up a bunch of empty plastic bottles into a clear garbage bag, tied some branches to it and to some empty jugs and voila – the cheapest kayak ever. Fun idea, but I’d make it look a little better. At least enough so no one tries to throw it away. 😉

Upcycled Sweater Boots

Upcycled Sweater Boots
These are really pretty (loving the embroidery embellishment on them), and they ought to be comfy too, but I certainly wouldn’t wear them outside the house (they’d be stained so fast it would make your head spin). This would be a great project for an old pair of shoes (or slippers) that are peeling themselves off their soles.


What to Do If Your Passport is Stolen
In case you did not know, Instructables isn’t just for building and craft projects. I’m printing this one up and putting it right next to my saving-for-my-dream-vacation jar. This author also made an Instructable on how to get a passport in the first place, another great printout to include with my jar.

Light Up Costume

Light Up Costume
Again with the EL Wire. This time they made a cool robot looking costume. I wonder what kind of looks I’d get if I walked down the street in this. 😉

A 100ft Glow Stick
Okay, this would be awesome in some giant glow-in-the-dark party. You could have one of these, some LED throwies, LED floaties, LED freezes (in the cooler), EL Wire costumes, LED jewelry, glow-in-the-dark hair gel (yes, there’s an Instructable for that too), and anything else anyone can come up with. That would be awesome fun!

Stroke Sensor

Stroke Sensor
Another incredible sensor. These guys are so inventive. Just last year I would have never thought that a normal dooby like myself could buy, much less make, my own sensor like this. This has so many useful applications: toys (can tell if the child is petting the toy vs. crushing it – great for a toy teaching a child how to be kind to animals), wind sensors (automatically close the window if the wind is blowing too strong), and even security (put this on your purse and you might be able to catch even those brush-by thieves).

Weekend Project(s) – Slotted Furniture January 8, 2010

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I have to start this post with a story: Once upon a time my family lived in a little old house that was built in the Depression. In that house, hidden in some little corner, my Mom found a cute little chair. But this was no ordinary chair – it was made out of plywood and fit together like a puzzle. No shrews, no glue, just a wooden key in a slot to hold it all together. My Mom was instantly entranced.

Ever since then we’ve been searching for other pieces of furniture that are similar. We called it puzzle furniture. Come to find out, it usually goes by the name Slotted Furniture.

Now with the wonder of the Internet, I have found a great site with some fascinating Slotted Furniture:

Slotted Furniture

By the look of things, these guys like to go down to Burning Man, build a bunch of furniture out of sheets of plywood (enough so they can live at least somewhat comfortably), and then when they’re done with it they burn it all. (Sad waste if you ask me.) Their patterns are available on a “please donate” basis, and they have some awesome names for their pieces (like the Bedevator and the Plantry (part plant rack, part pantry, part PlayaTech)).

One Hot 8-Bit Car! January 2, 2010

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8-bit Flame Job

Allright! Now this is sweet! The guy used one-inch square magnets to make a pixelated flames job. I’ve got to do something like this to my car. It would be super easy too. And with magnets I could change it up whenever I want! Flames one time, a dragon the next, a wood panel after that, and then some bubbles, ooooh and then some…