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Weekend Project(s) – Slotted Furniture January 8, 2010

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I have to start this post with a story: Once upon a time my family lived in a little old house that was built in the Depression. In that house, hidden in some little corner, my Mom found a cute little chair. But this was no ordinary chair – it was made out of plywood and fit together like a puzzle. No shrews, no glue, just a wooden key in a slot to hold it all together. My Mom was instantly entranced.

Ever since then we’ve been searching for other pieces of furniture that are similar. We called it puzzle furniture. Come to find out, it usually goes by the name Slotted Furniture.

Now with the wonder of the Internet, I have found a great site with some fascinating Slotted Furniture:

Slotted Furniture

By the look of things, these guys like to go down to Burning Man, build a bunch of furniture out of sheets of plywood (enough so they can live at least somewhat comfortably), and then when they’re done with it they burn it all. (Sad waste if you ask me.) Their patterns are available on a “please donate” basis, and they have some awesome names for their pieces (like the Bedevator and the Plantry (part plant rack, part pantry, part PlayaTech)).


Weekend Project(s) – Wood Carving January 1, 2010

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Wood Carving

Sweet! I’ve wanted to learn wood carving for a long time now, ever since my Mom gave me a carving knife (which I’ve obviously lost by now). This ought to be a good tutorial too since it’s from Popular Mechanics. And what better way to start the new year than to learn a great new skill?! Now if they only mentioned how to take a pattern and carve from that (or even better – how to design your own patterns ;)).

Weekend Project(s) – Scrap Wood = A Whole Table? December 18, 2009

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Table from wood scrapsIt’s true! You can make a whole table out of wood scraps! And it’s a very sturdy and attractive table too.

I had seen this kind of idea before – There are some guys in New York who gather scraps from a few top-notch woodworking shops. They got some really great wood that way (like mahogony, ebony, cherry, etc.). Then they trimmed them all to a certain width and length, laminated them together into a big thick (we’re talking about four inches thick) sheet, and then they made furniture out of the sheets. I wasn’t too impressed at the time because they made ugly blocky furniture, but I found this great Instructable with a nice and attractive table.

Weekend Project(s) – Toy Box for Christmas! November 27, 2009

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Okay, I have Christmas presents for all the adults, but what to do for a couple of nephews? One is 1 1/2 and the other is 5 months. I was talking to the mother of the older nephew about what I might get or make for little Mr. inquizitive. She suggested blocks (the big lego kind), long shirts (he’s a tall skinny boy), or better yet – a toy box. Right now his toys are in a cardboard box in the living room. Yep, this boy definitely needs a toy box. Come to think of it, the other nephew is getting to the age of playing with stuff so he’ll be needing one before too long.

Here are some great toy boxes I could make:
A Castle Toybox Chair – This would be fun! 1 1/2 may be a little too young to care if it’s a castle, but being a chair would be perfect for the living room.
A Pirate’s Treasure Chest – What’s more classic boy-ish than a pirate’s treasure chest? In fact, I should make one of these for me too (for all this pirate stuff I’m gathering for my book).
A Nice Big Bench Toy Box – Wow, this thing ought to be big enough. In fact, they could put it under the window for extra seating.

Now if I could find a car toy box. He loves anything with wheels and/or that he can push around.

Weekend Project(s) – Make Your Own Air Hockey Table! November 6, 2009

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Woohoo! Eat your heart out directBuy! Forget your 50% off air hockey table. I can make one for even cheaper!And I can customize it with my favorite team’s logos (or how about make up some logos – perhaps the Mom Mollusks vs. the Dad Dominoes)!

Check out the Instructables tutorial to make one this weekend!

Not into air hockey? How about a classic pool table (this one is for playing with golf balls)?

Or if you’re in a creative mood, I heard about a floating ping-pong table for your pool. Now that sounds like a blast! (In fact, I challenge anyone to make an Instructable for that – including a video of a game played on it ;))

Weekend Project(s) – Entertainment Center Turned Play Kitchen & Repurposed Furniture October 30, 2009

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My sister sent me a great link this weekend – someone turned their old entertainment center into a play kitchen for their daughter! (http://suttongrace.blogspot.com/2009/06/repurposed-entertainment-center.html) It is so cute with “stainless steel” appliances and a lovely window looking out onto a gorgeous landscape.

Here are some pictures to illustrate:

Before - the old entertainment center

Before - the old entertainment center

After - the new play kitchen

After - the new play kitchen

This is a really great idea, but I think we can take it farther – how about turning more old cabinets (whether entertainment centers or not) into other play “rooms.” For instance turn an old chifferobe into a castle window seat! Turn some kitchen cabinets into a play laundry room. Turn an old dresser into a dollhouse (the kind with the closing house front).

In fact, you can even do this in reverse – turn a dollhouse into a decorative cabinet! Here’s one that was turned into a lovely cabinet for the laundry room:

Hmm, Maybe I Should Take up Woodworking Too – Toy Rocking-Dragon September 30, 2009

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I just found this really cool rocking-dragon (it’s like a rocking horse, but instead of a horse it’s a dragon): http://bob-basset.livejournal.com/23631.html

I would love to make one of these for each of my nephews for Christmas! Sadly, I don’t know how to do woodworking (I’m trying to learn sewing first, then maybe I’ll take up woodworking, but that will probably be after Christmas). Hmm, my Mom can do woodworking though… (can you hear the squirrels running in the wheels in my mind?)